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Intel Time Line 1996-1999

Date Product Name Description Product Type 
01/04/1996166-MHz Pentium(R) processor No release - announcement on Web Microprocessor 
01/11/199680296SA microcontroller with integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capability Based on the MCS(R) 296 architecture, Intel's next-generation 16­bit MCS(R) 96 architecture. Used in fax/modem cards, scanners, copiers, printers, optical drives, etc. Embedded control product 
02/05/1996100-MHz Pentium(R) processor for mobile computers No release - announcement on Web Microprocessor 
02/08/199682930A USB-compliant controller for PC peripherals. For applications like PC monitors, keyboards, digital phones, joysticks and game pads. Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/12/1996430HX and 430VX PCIsets Fourth-generation PCI Chip Set family for Pentium(R) processors. Deliver concurrent PCI and USB for Pentium processor-based business and home PCs. HX is for business PCs, and VX is for home and small business PCs. HX has two components: 82439HX system controller (TXC) and 82371SB PCI ISA IDE Accelerator (PIIX3). VX has four components: 82437VX system controller (TVX), 82438VX Data Path Unit (TDX), and the 82371SB PCI ISA IDE Xcelerator (PIIX3) Chip Set 
03/04/1996133-MHz Pentium processor for notebook computers 133-MHz Pentium processor for notebooks Microprocessor 
03/04/1996First in family of Pentium(R) OverDrive processors for upgradable Pentium(R) processor-based systems On Web, no release OverDrive processors 
03/16/96 i960(R) JT processor Higher-performance version of the i960 Jx series chips. Offers up to 100 MHz performance and has increased on-chip cache. Embedded control product 
03/18/96 Intel Express 100BASE-TX Switching Hub High-speed switching hub product that minimizes network bottlenecks across a PC LAN. Delivers low-cost, 100-megabit-per-second (Mbps) networking performance for workgroups with hundreds of client PCs. Works with Intel's network adapters and stackable hub. Network Product 
03/25/96 80486SXSF (32-bit, 33MHz), 80486GXSF (16­bit, 33MHz) Intel486 SX/GX Ultra Low-Power Intel486(TM) processors, Ultra Low-Power Intel486 evaluation board for low-power system development, chipsets and system BIOS and tools solutions. Platform solution for Ultra Low-Power Intel486 processor Microprocessor 
03/31/96 87C196LB 16-bit microcontroller; also the low-priced 83C196LC and 83C196LD controllers for low-cost ABS systems. All are 16-bit microcontrollers for automotive systems. LB is the first 16-bit microcontroller to integrate SAE Class B J1850 communication protocol (standard medium-speed in-vehicle communication protocol) Embedded control product 
04/08/199680C151 Addition fo MCS 51 8-bit Controller Family. Offers intermediate performance and prices level between original 80C51 device and the recently introduced 8XC251 series microcontrollers. Up to a 5X performance increase over the traditional MCS 51 products. Embedded control product 
04/15/96 87C251SB QML-qualified (Qualified Manufacturers Listing, for defense, industrial and special environment market segments) version of the MCS(R) 251 microcontroller Embedded control product 
04/15/96 QML-qualified (Qualified Manufactures Listing, for defense, industrial and special environment market segments) versions of the 28F016XS 16-Mbit synchronous flash memory Military and other special environment versions of flash chips Flash Memory 
04/15/96 QML-qualified (Qualified Manufactures Listing, for defense, industrial and special environment market segments) versions of the Pentium processor (80502) Military and other special environment versions of microprocessors, flash chips and microcontrollers Microprocessor 
04/22/96 LANDesk(R) Management Suite v2.5 Designed to lower cost of business computing. For managing clients and servers over a network. For systems based on Pentium(R) Pro and Pentium(R) processors Network product 
04/23/96 28F008SC, an 8-Mbit die manufactured using 0.4-micron lithography. Family of FlashFile SmartVoltage devices. Will put out 4- and 16-Mbit devices in Q4. Codeveloped with Sharp. Represent the fifth process generation of Intel's ETOX (EPROM tunnel oxide) technology. Flash memory 
04/30/96 ProShare(TM) Conferencing Video System 200, Release 2.0 Allows up to 24 people to simultaneously participate in a video conference from their individual desktop PCs. Video conferencing product 
05/06/1996440FX chip set Rounds out the Pentium Pro processor platform building blocks available for OEMs to deliver sub-$3,000 desktops. 32-bit performance. Chip Set 
05/06/1996Pentium(R) Pro processor motherboards Rounds out the Pentium Pro processor platform building blocks available for OEMs to deliver sub-$3,000 desktops. 32-bit performance. Motherboard 
05/06/1996LANDesk Client Manager A DMI-compliant application for local and network management of desktop client systems Software 
05/20/96 Adaptive Technology Fast Ethernet technology that allows customers to easily upgrade a network adapter's microcode and optimize it for ever-changing network environments. Allows hands-off upgradability. Foundation is the 82557 Fast Ethernet controller, which is included on m Network Product 
05/28/96 Express 10/100 Downlink, EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 ISA Adapter, EtherExpress PRO/10+PCI Adapter Three new products designed to allow users to integrate Fast Ethernet products with legacy 10Mbps Ethernet workgroups. Downlink is a two-port device that allows simple connection of Fast Ethernet workgroups to existing 10Mbps LANs. ISA Adapter allows LAN Network product 
05/30/96 Intel Video Phone Uses ProShare(TM) videoconferencing technology. Allows consumers to enhance a standard phone call by adding video to see who they are calling, all from a Pentium(R) processor-based PC. PC Enhancement 
06/03/1996NetportExpress(TM) #153 PRO Print Servers Fourth-generation product in Intel's five years in the print server market segment. Allow LAN administrators to connect printers directly to the network (up to three printers for each external print server). Uses Netport Manager, a Windows*-based centrali Network product 
06/10/1996200-MHz Pentium(R) processor For desktop systems. Earlier in the year, 150- and 166-MHz versions were introduced. Microprocessor 
06/10/1996LANDesk(R) Virus Protect v1.6 for Windows NT* Servers Provides real-time virus scanning for Intel(R) Architecture-based servers Network product 
06/24/96 100BASE-T4 models of the EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Adapter and Express Stackable Hub; Also LANDesk(R) Network Manager software Enables customers to achieve 100Mbps networking performance with older installed cabling. The software provides easy, cost-effective management of Intel's workgroup hubs and switches Network product 
07/02/1996Intel Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Card Low-cost, removable digital memory medium used to store image, text and voice data in consumer electronic devices Flash Memory 
07/22/96 Intel Internet Phone Beta version applet available free from Intel's Web site. For PCs running Windows* 95 and designed to interoperate with other upcoming H.323-based communications software from Microsoft and other vendors. Internet product 
07/24/96 Intel Internet Software Update Manager; and Intel Guided Tour Beta applications available on Intel's Web site; Update manager allows uers to automatically retrieve, install and update plug-ins or other software over the Internet; Guided tour allows visitors to Intel Web site to experience a "virtual tour" of the sit Internet product 
08/05/1996EXPLR2 board Intel386(TM) EX processor-based Embedded PC Evaluation Board developed in conjunction with RadiSys Corp. Enables embedded designers to test several new technologies on board. Developer Tool 
08/05/1996150-MHz Pentium(R) processor for mobile computers Sixth Pentium(R) processor for mobile computers Microprocessor 
09/20/96 New beta version of the Intel Internet Phone (first available in July 96) New features include busy line indicator, call progress indicator, etc. Available free as a Web download. Internet product 
09/24/96 RC440FX UP, BB440FXDP, and AP450GX MP server platforms All based on the Pentium(R) Pro processor; provide building blocks for OEM server manufacturers; first one is entry-level with single processor; second one has dual processors and is mid-range; third one is scalable, high-end multi-processing platform tha Integrated system 
09/24/96 LANDesk(R) Support Center Enables help desk analysts to rapidly solve PC problems from a remote location. Network product 
09/24/96 10/100Mbps NetportExpress(TM) PRO/100 Print Server Allows work groups to easily and affordably connect and manage printers at 10Mbps Ethernet or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network product 
10/14/96 Intel Power Monitor Aimed at developers whose applications run on Pentium(R) processor-based mobile PCs. Detects and reports inefficient software code that hinders the advanced power management, thus decreasing battery life unnecessarily Developer Tool 
10/15/96 Express Stackable Hub Expansion Module Fast Ethernet modules enables customers to add 12 Fast Ethernet ports to their exisging Express Stackable Hubs. Network product 
10/29/96 Smart 3 and Smart 5 SmartVoltage flash products Provide embedded systems designers with 3- or 5-volt read/write capability, respectively. Products feature fast programming capability. Flash memory 
11/01/19968x930Hx controller Single-chip hub controller that allows PC peripherals such as monitors and keyboards to serve as hub devices for other Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripherals. Network product 
11/04/1996Smart Video Recorder III Lets PC Users create video and Web sites by capturing and compressing video from VCRs, camcorders, edit it on PCs and store it to a computer disk or send it on the Internet. Includes both hardware and software Internet product 
11/11/1996LANDesk Virus Protect v1.7 for Windows NT and LANDesk Virus Protect v. 4.0 for NetWare Allows real-time virus scanning of IA-based desktops Network product 
12/09/1996Internet video phone Allows users to talk to and see each other while using other Internet applications such as Web browsing, ecxhanging photos or playing games. Available free of charge at Intel's Connected PC Web site Internet product 
12/10/1996CablePort(TM) family of products, which includes: CablePort Cable Modem, CablePort Data Delivery System (CDDS) and the CablePort Install Software Products for cable operators that fully integrate all the functions required to deliver broadband Internet communications for the PC. Internet product 
01/08/1997Pentium(R) processor with MMX(TM) technology First processor to incorporate Intel's new technology (MMX) for improved performance on media-rich applications. Available in both desktop (166- and 200-MHz) and mobile versions (150- and 166-MHz). Microprocessor 
01/13/97 Express 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch Has 10 or 100-megabit-per-second autosensing operation. Helps lower costs of migrating business networks to 100 Mbps technology, while removing bandwidth bottlenecks. Network product 
02/03/1997i960(R) RD I/O processor For standard high-volume servers. High-performance I/O processor. Second in a series of I/O processors; doubles performance of the existing I/O processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/03/1997Intel ProShare(R) Conferencing Plus Package Enhances Intel ProShare Conferencing Video System 200 with greater communication capabilities such as a video answering machine. Video Conferencing product 
02/17/97 Intel Mobile Module, Intel 430TX PCIset and Intel380FB Dock Set Mobile Module designed for notebook manufacturers to reduce design difficulties in the transition from one processor generation to another. Places the latest Intel processor and PCIset on a common, integrated module that plugs into the mobile system's motherboard. The 430TX PCIset is for both desktop and mobile sysems. The 380FB Dock Set enables hot docking for Pentium processor-based PCI notebook systems. Allows users to remove and re-install notbook computers from docking stations without shutting them down and rebooting. Chip set 
02/24/97 Pentium(R) processor with MMX(TM) Technology at 150- and 166-MHz for mobile market (SmartDie(R) product solutions for mini-notebooks (under 3 lbs.) The platform includes the mobile Pentium(R) processor with MMX(TM) technology (at 150- and 166-MHz) and 82439TX system controller.) Microprocessor 
02/24/97 82439TX system controller 82439TX system controller SmartDie(R) product is available as part of the 430TX PCIset. These are the latest mobile products, and are announced as "SmartDie(R)" products. Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/25/97 EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Mobile Adapters Two new adapters for network connections of portable PCs. Available in both 16-bit PC Card and 32-bit CardBus versions. Network product 
03/03/1997Pentium(R) OverDrive(R) processors with MMX(TM) media enhancement technology for upgradable Pentium processor-based systems with speeds of 100-, 90- and 75­MHz. Takes 100-MHz systems to 166; 75 to 125; and 90 to 150. Three different products. OverDrive processors 
03/17/97 NetportExpress(TM) PRO/100 Single-port external print server. 10/100 megabits-per-second. Network product 
03/31/97 LANDesk(R) Configuration Manager Integrated hardware/software product that enables companies to remotely install operating systems, workgroup-specific productivity swuites and applications on PCs over corporate LANs. Network product 
04/07/1997EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Server Adapter Intelligent 10/100 megabits-per-second server adapter designed to maximize LAN server resources. Supports Cicso Systems' ISL Virtual LANs and includes an i960(R) processor that off-loads the server's CPU. Improves end-user response times by increasing performance at the server level, particularly for multiple server adapters applications Network product 
04/15/97 Intel Express 100FX Switch 8-port Fast Ethernet fiber optic switch that extends benefits of high-performance desktop PCs through campus networks (typically 100 to 1,000 nodes spread out over a broad geographic area) Network product 
04/21/97 Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block flash 4- (28F400b3-120), 8-(28F800B3-120) and 16-Mbit (28F160B3-120) flash devices that allow a single flash memory to read code and write data in real-time systems. Designed for low-power, space-constrained applications such as digital cellular phones and advanced pagers. Flash Memory 
04/21/97 Intel Express 10/100 Stackable Hub Gives customers a flexible transition to Fast Ethernet for under $100 per port. Operates at either 10 or 100 Mbps. Network product 
04/21/97 82558Industry's first single-chip Fast Ethernet solution for networking at speeds of 10 or 100 megabits per second (Mbps). Enhances LAN-on-motherboard designs by integrating advanced networking and power-management capabilities that are key to remotely managing connected PCs. Peripherals and coprocessors 
04/22/97 ManagedPC ToolKit Helps developers and IT professionals boost the manageability and reduce support costs of connected PCs. Provides key tools, utilities and test suites for Desktop Management Interface (DMI) specification version 2.0. Developer Tool 
04/30/97 Intel Power Monitor version 2.0 Diagnostic Tool designed to help software vendors develop power-efficient applications. Downloadable from Intel Web site for free. Developer Tool 
05/06/1997Intel Video Phone Send/Receive Upgrade Kit Camera upgrade kit for PCs with Intel Video Phone and ProShare(R) technology software. Internet product 
05/07/1997Pentium(R) II processor Introduced at 300-, 266- and 233-MHz. Combines advanced technologies of Pentium(R) Pro processor with the capabilities of Intel's MMX(TM) media enhancement technology. Microprocessor 
05/19/97 133-MHz Pentium(R) processor with MMX Technology for notebooks Expansion of mobile processor line Microprocessor 
05/19/97 Smart Video Recorder III with PAL and SECAM video formats. Enhancement of the existing product (introduced in November 1996) allows PC users to capture and share video worldwide. Comes with Intel's Indel(R) video software, an RCA* and an S-Video cable, user's manual, two software packages (Asymetrix Digital Video Producer* and Asymetrix WebPublisher*). Video products 
05/23/97 LANDesk(R) Server Manager Pro v2.8 New version of the integrated hardware and software solution for remote management of servers. Provides remote-control capability--even when the network is down--for servers running either Microsoft Windows NT* or Novelle NetWare*. Network product 
06/02/1997233-MHz Pentium(R) processor with MMX technology for desktop For mainstream consumer PCs. 11th microprocessor with MMX technology. Others include 200- and 166-MHz desktop PCs; 233, 200 and 166 versions as boxed products for systems integrators and VARs through distis; Pentium II processors at 300-, 266 and 233-MHz; two choices of Pentium(R) OverDrive processors with MMX technology that may be used with three speeds of upgradable Pentium processor-based systems, and 166-, 150- and 133-MHz processors for notebooks. Microprocessor 
06/02/1997Intel Business Video Conferencing with ProShare technology for desktop PCs Delivers audio/video/data conferencing over ISDN and LAN/intranet connections. Includes an audio/video board, ISDN adapter, NTSC camera, headset and microphone, desktop microphone, built-in acoustic echo cancellation, and software. Video Conferencing product 
06/02/1997Intel(R) TeamStation(TM) system Delivers video conferencing, Internet access, presentation tools and application sharing for conference rooms. It's a PC-based multifunction video conferencing solution. Its standard configuration includes a 233­MHz Pentium(R) II processor, Intel Proshare(R) technology, Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 LAN Adapter, a large, high-resolution multimedia monitor, full-duplex audio speaker phone, a built-in scan converter, wireless keyboard and mouse and an auto-tracking, high-resolution camera. Video Conferencing product 
06/09/1997133-MHz Pentium(R) processor Embedded Processor Module First member in a new Embedded Processor Module family that provides embedded designers with an easy-to-use building block for high-performance embedded applications. Features a 133-MHz Pentium(R) processor, 82439HX system controller and L2 cache. Embedded control product 
06/17/97 8-Mbyte Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Card Previous versions were 2- and 4­Megabytes. PC-compatible digital media that stores image, text and voice data in consumer electronic devices. Can exchange data with a PC. Used for low-cost data storage in portable electronic systems, such as digital voice recorders, companion PCs, digital cameras Flash Memory 
06/17/97 Intel Video Phone, release 2.0 Allows people to see each other while they talk via PC. Uses the Internet and standard phone lines. Has ProShare(R) technology. Includes application-sharing features. Internet product 
07/09/1997New line of 16- (28F160S3/S5) and 32­Megabit (28f320S3/S5) density fast-write flash memory products. First Intel flash chips to be suported by the Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) industry specification. Operate at 3.3 Volts or 5 volts. Flash memory 
07/14/97 New version of Pentium(R) II processor that conatins Error Correction Code (ECC) on the L2 cache Enables servers to and workstations to operate in business computing environments, where data integrity, transmission and reliability are critical. For entry-level servers. Microprocessor 
07/28/97 Intel Device View for Web Web-based management tool to control, install, configure and troubleshoot supported Intel network hubs and switches. Network product 
08/04/1997LANDesk(R) Virus Protect v5.0 First product to offer unified Windows* NT and Novelle NetWare* client and server protection that can be managed from a single screen. Network product 
08/04/1997200- and 180- MHz Pentium(R) OverDrive(R) processors with MMX(TM) technology 200 version is for upgradeable 100-, 133- and 166-MHz Pentium processor-based PCs. 180 version is for 90-, 120-and 150-MHz Pentium processor-based PCs. OverDrive processors 
08/12/1997New member of the Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 family First network adapter for advanced PC management. Enables system administrators to remotely wake up, boot and service PCs, allowing off-hours maintenance and lowering support costs. Includes the 82557 and 82555 Fast Ethernet controllers. Network product 
08/18/97 Pentium(R) Pro processor with one megabyte of integrated Level 2 cache. Operates at 200 MHz. Intel's highest performance processor for four-way and beyond server systems. Earlier version has 512 KB cache. Built using 0.35-micron technology. Microprocessor 
08/25/97 Intel Express Routers v2.3 Software upgrade for Intel's Express Routers -- utilize encryption and tunneling technologies to enable customers to establish virtual private networks (VPNs) using the Internet. Network product 
08/27/97 Intel 440LX AGPset For Pentium II processor. Highly integrated chip set featuring Accelerated Graphics Port technology. Along with the Pentium II processor, lays the foundation for new class of visual computing PCs. Chip set 
09/08/1997200- and 233-MHz mobile Pentium processors with MMX technology First products manufactured using 0.25-micron process technology. Have low power consumption. Microprocessor 
09/08/1997EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100+ adapter New generation of Fast Ethernet adapters. Has a single-chip Fast Ethernet solution based on Intel's 82558 chip. This chip integrates four adapter functions onto a single chip. Network product 
09/15/97 Web Netport Manager and 32-bit version of Windows*-based Netport Manager Allows Web-based management for Intel print servers (NetportExpress(TM) PRO/100 and Netport Express Pro) Available free for existing customers. Network product 
09/15/97 Intel(R) Create & Share(TM) Camera Pack Photo and video editing package that plugs into Pentium(R) processor-based high-performance PCs. Includes an Intel PC camera, hardware and an integrated suite of communications and image-editing software. Also includes Intel Video Phone with ProShare(R) technology. PC Enhancement 
09/17/97 27F640J5 and 28F320J5 StrataFlash memory components First StrataFlash memory products. Stores multiple bits of information in each cell. 650 is 64-Mbit and 320 is 32­Mbit. Flash Memory 
09/22/97 PRO/100 LAN+Modem56 PC Card Designed for notebooks. Combines a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet adapter and a high-speed 56 Kbps modem in a single PC card. Offers options to portable PC users who need to access information from remote locations, office or home. Network product 
09/29/97 82430TX PCI set; PCIset that supports SDRAM - for telecommunications and other embedded applications Chip set 
09/29/97 Three Intel Performance Evaluation and Analysis (IPEAK) tools: Graphics Toolkit, Storate Toolkit and Power Management Toolkit Designed to help PC OEMs and IHVs improve analysis and diagnostic capabilities in platform integration and performance tuning. Developer Tool 
09/29/97 Embedded Processor Module with the 166­MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology (EMDMOD166); Embedded 200-MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology Microprocessor for embedded apps, module for embedded designers Embedded control product 
09/29/97 LANDesk Client Manager v3.1 Software tool that monitors and helps maintain the health of desktop and mobile business PCs via local and remote diagnostic alerts, remote power management and support for industry specifications. Network product 
10/08/1997LANDesk(R) Server Manager Pro v3.0 and Intel LANDesk Server Manager Software v3.0 New versions of Intel's solution for maximizing server uptime. Extend proactive health monitoring and server performance tracking. One is a software-only solution that enables remote control of live network servers. Pro version is an integrated hardware/software product that expands on LANDesk Server Manager's capabilities with an added emergency management card, allowing remote control of both live and crashed servers. Network product 
10/20/97 120-MHz Mobile Pentium(R) processor with MMX technology Brings MMX technology to mini-notebook PCs. Microprocessor 
10/21/97 LANDesk(R) Management Suite 6 Integrated set of 32-bit services that allows PCs in mixed Windows NT* and NetWare* environments to be remotely managed and repaired from a single control point. Helps IT managers better control configuration, deployment and persistent management of networks. Network product 
11/03/1997Intel 971 PC Camera kit Enables manufacturers to produce affordable, easy-to-use portable PC cameras. Includes Intel PC camera silicon, software, schematics, design documentation and suggested manufacturing procedures. For OEMs PC Enhancement 
11/05/1997Intel Business Video Conferencing 4.0 Works on LAN, ISDN and Internet, and on Multiple Windows* Operating Systems. A desktop video conferencing system. Incorporates ProShare(R) tehcnology. AKA iBVC 4.0. Includes an audio/video board, ISDN adapter, camera, headset with microphone, desktop microphone, buil­in acoustic echo cancellation and software. Video Conferencing product 
11/10/1997Intel Series 200 Flash Memory Miniature Cards Available in 4-, 8- and 16-Mbyte densities. Offer cost-effective memory for Intel PC Camera Initiative. Based on Intel StrataFlash memory. 4-Mbyte uses one 28F320J5 TSOP component. 8-Mbyte version uses one 28F640J5 mBGA* component. 16-Mbyte card uses two 28F640J5 mBGA components. Flash Memory 
11/10/19978x931 product line of high-performance, single-chip hub (8x931Hx) and hubless (8x931Ax) Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers. Also the 931 CHUB board. Serial bus controllers with and without hubs. MSC(R) 51 hardware-based devices. Designed for monitors and other peripherals. 931 CHUB board is a platform for compatibility testing and a reference for customer hardware and firmware design. Used by developers using USB hub devices. Network product 
11/10/1997LANDesk(R) Configuration Manager v1.5 New version of Intel's deployment product that helps administrators integrate Network PCs and other managed PCs into corporate networks. Includes software "push" technology and remote wake-up capabilities. Allows IT administrators to schedule automatic configuration changes and software distribution after business hours, without a technician at the desktop. Network product 
11/17/97 Intel Express 510T Switch Scalable workgroup switch that provides 10/100 Mbps connectivity directly to the desktop. First in a series of Express switching solutions to come later. Helps administrators scale network bandwith and connections over time. Network product 
01/08/1998New Version of Create & Share(TM) Camera Pack Includes 56 kbps video phone-ready modem, capture card -- both integrated into a single PCI card PC enhancement 
01/20/98 Intel InBusiness(TM) family of networking products. Includes three 10 Mbps Ethernet hubs (5 Port, 8 Port, 8 Port hub with BNC), three 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet hubs (4 Port Fast Hub, 8 Port Fast Hub, 8 Port Fast Hub Plus) , two Ethernet switches (8 Port Switch and 8 Port Switch Plus) and the Internet Station (a connectivity device). To help small businesses with 2 to 50 users interconnect their PCs and gain Internet access simply and affordably. Help small businesses share resources. Network product 
01/26/98 333-MHz Pentium(R) II processor For desktop computers and high-volume servers and workstations Microprocessor 
02/04/1998Intel Express 8100 Router; Express 130T Standalone Hub Networking solutions designed to help companies create simple and affordable branch office networks. 8100 helps create WAN connectivitiy between company sites. 130T supports up to 8 users connected to a network at either 10Mbps or 100 Mbps. Network product 
02/09/1998Vtune 3.0 Visual performance tool (software) for tuning and optimizing software written in C, C++, Fortran, Java* and Visual Basic on the Intel platform. Available through free Intel Web site download. Developer Tool 
02/10/1998LANDesk(R) Client Manager v3.2 PC health monitoring tool - this version is for mobile PCs. Network product 
02/10/1998Intel740 graphics accelerator chip Optimized for the Pentium(R) II processor platform with Intel's AGPsets. Heightens visual experience for PC users. For 3D and 2D Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/12/1998266- and 166-MHz Pentium(R) processors with MMX technology for mobile PCs  Microprocessor 
02/17/98 Iometer Server I/O performance storage measurement tool. Available through free Intel Web site download Developer Tool 
02/18/98 Intel Performance Evaluation and Analysis Kit (IPEAK) tools. Includes the IPEAK Graphics Performance Toolkit; The IBASES (Intel Baseline AGP System Evaluation Suite); the IPEAK Storage Toolkit; and the Intel Power Management Analysis Tool. Graphics kit enables software and hardware vendors to analyze and improve 3D graphics hardware and software. IBASES validates and tests the driver, memory and hardware controller to deliver best AGP solutions; Storage Toolkit provides analysis to optimize performance of storage peripherals; IPMAT provides automated testing capabilities. Developer tool 
02/24/98 Intel Express 550T (8 TX ports) and 550F (8 fiber ports) Routing Switches Stackable, scalable, layer 3 switches designed for campus networking environments. Compatible with Intel's Express 510T Switch for workgroups.The boost speed and capacity. Network product 
03/03/1998TeamStation(TM) System 3.0a Next-generation of Intel's PC-based multifunction videoconferencing system designed for use in conference rooms. Offers enhanced video quality, processing power and camera controls. Has Intel Pentium(R) II 300-MHz processor and accelerated graphics port (AGP) technology Video Conferencing product 
03/09/1998EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100+ Server Adapter; New version of the EtherExpress PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter. Based on 82558 single-chip architecture. Provides high-performance, cost-effective network connection for departmental and workgroup servers. Second product increases server throughput by offloading network functions onto its on-board i960(R) processor. Network product 
03/11/1998Intel Web Design Effects; Intel Indeo(R) Media Kit Additions to Intel's Web developer tool offerings. Design Effects is a design tool that allows Web developers to create animated effects. Media Kit is a software package that provides progressive download technology and audio and video tools for Web developers to produce high-quality multimedia content. Internet product 
04/02/1998233- and 266-MHz Pentium II processors for mobile PCs First Pentium II processors for mobile PCs. Also 233- and 266-MHz mobile Pentium II processor modules, which include the "north bridge" portion of the Mobile 440BX chip set. Microprocessor 
04/07/1998Intel(R) Application Integration Modules (AIMs) Allow IT managers to integrate system health management capabilities already installed on millions of servers, desktops, and mobile PCs with their existing enterprise management solutions. Available free through download from Intel Web site. Network product 
04/15/98 350- and 400-MHz Pentium(R) II processors; and the first Intel Celeron processor for Basic PCs, operating at 266 MHz. 350 and 400 are for corporate and home users. Celeron is for Basic PC segment Microprocessor 
04/15/98 Intel(R) LANDesk(R) Client Manager v3.3; LAN on Motherboard Chip Set. These two things combine to create "Alert on LAN" for PC OEMs Alert on LAN alerts network administrators when a PC has a problem, even if the PC is powered down or the operating system is not available. Network product 
04/15/98 Intel(R) Express 3D graphics card High-quality graphics solution for Intel Pentium(R) II processor resellers, Intel product dealers and system integrators. Targeted at mainstream PC market. Based on the Intel740(TM) graphics chip. Available in 2- and 4-MB versions. It's a graphics card. Single-board computer 
04/27/98 Intel(R) TeamStation(TM) System 4.0 Conference room workstation that combines video conferencing, Internet access, corporate network access and PC applications Video conferencing product 
04/28/98 Intel(R) Express Gigabit Switch; Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter; Switch provides a 32 Gbps nonblocking wire-speed throughput on all ports and modules on a network. Server adapter speeds up server performance at a low price Network product 
05/05/1998Intel 740(TM) graphics accelerator Performance Software Developer's Kit (SDK) For software developers using the Pentium(R) II processor platform with Intel740 chip. Helps developers optimize applications for the graphics accelerator. Available free as a download from Intel Web site. Developer Tool 
05/05/1998Intel(R) Express 220T 12- and 24-port Stackable Hubs 10/100 Mbps per-port, auto-sensing hubs for campus network environments. Network product 
05/13/98 Advanced+ Boot Block Flash; also Fast Boot Block flash Adds a unique "silicon serial number" which, when coupled with an unalterable, one-time programmable module, enables manufacturers to put a second level of unique serial numbers in a phone; Fast Boot Block flash reduces memory bottlenecks by increasing memory performance in embedded systems. Flash Memory 
05/20/98 21150-BC and 21154-BC 66-MHz PCI-to-PCI bridge chips Used on motherboards and add-in cards to increase data throughput in a variety of data-intensive server, workstatin and high-end PC applications, including networking and data storage. Available in 32- and 64­bit versions. Individual chips used in chip sets. Chip set 
05/26/98 82559 single-chip fast Ethernet controller Multiplatform solution; for multiple Intel (R) Architecture platforms -- servers, desktops, Network PCs and mobile clients. Eliminates the need for IT managers to test, support and manage different networking solutions for each of these platforms Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/01/1998266-MHz Intel Pentium II processor mobile module Includes mobile Intel Pentium II processor, the "northbridge" of the 440BX chip set and 512 level 2 cache. Motherboard 
06/01/1998NetportExpress(TM) 10/100 Print Server Industry's fastest print server. Connects virtually any parallel-port printer to 10- or 100-Mbps networks and operates at more than 800 KBps. Network product 
06/08/1998Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processor 300 MHz Second member of that family; designed for sub-$1200 Basic PC market segment. Supported by the IntelEX AGPset (which is designed specifically for the Basic PC market) Microprocessor 
06/16/98 Intel(R) PRO/100 LAN+Model56 CardBus mobile adapter Integrates a 10/100-Mpbs Ethernet adapter and a 56-Kbps modem in a sinble adapter Network product 
06/22/98 Intel(R) SE440BX motherboard-Graphics/DVD Edition New DVD solution targeted at Intel Product Dealers and system integrators. Combines the Intel SD440BX motherboard, Intel Express 3D graphics card and Zoran's* Soft DVD*. Enables VARs to offer a high-quality, low-cost DVD platform. Video products 
06/22/98 Stand-alone (with SoftDVD software) Intel Express 3D graphics card. Based on the Intel740 graphics chip. Delivers compelling, lifelike 3D graphics and high-performance 2D and video playback. Video products 
06/29/98 440GX AGPset For workstations and servers with one or two processors. (Pentium(R) II Xeon(TM) processor generation Chip set 
06/29/98 450NX PCIset For servers with four processors and greater. (Pentium(R) II Xeon(TM processor generation Chip set 
06/29/98 Pentium(R) II Xeon(TM) processors Designed for workstations and servers. Runs at 400 MHz and comes with either 512 KB L2 cache, or 1MB L2 cache. Used with the the 440GX AGPset for workstations and servers with one and two processors or the 450NX PCIset for servers with four processors and greater. . Microprocessor 
07/13/98 Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) 8-Port 10/100 Fast Hub Designed to help small businesses increasing office productivity by working on a faster speed network. Network product 
07/13/98 TeamStation Manager Management software for the Intel(R) TeamStation(TM) System 4.0. Allows an IT manager to maintain and troubleshoot multiple TeamStation systems from a centralized location. Video Conferencing product 
08/03/1998Intel LANDesk(R) Client Manager cv New version of LANDesk Client Manager that provides migration path for customers who want to increase the management level of older PCs. Network product 
08/10/1998Pentium(R) II OverDrive(R) processor for Pentium Pro processor-based systems. Upgrades existing upgradable 150- and 18-MHz Pentium Pro processor-based systems to 300 MHz. And Upgrades existing 166- and 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor-based systems to 333 MHz. OverDrive processors 
08/11/1998Intel(R) PRO/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter First dual port addition to Intel's server adapter family. Network product 
08/24/98 450-MHz Pentium(R) II processor; Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors 333 MHz and 300A MHz; 450 is designed for performance PCs, entry-level servers and workstations; Celeron processors are for basic PC market. 333 and 300A give up to 38% and 25% performance improvement, respectively, over the Intel Celeron processor 300 MHz. Microprocessor 
08/24/98 450-MHz Pentium(R) II Xeon(TM) processor Designed for use in dual-processor workstations and servers. Microprocessor 
08/31/98 Intel(R) ProShare(R) Video System 500 Low-cost business-quality video conferencing system; includes ProShare software with integrated Microsoft NetMeeting and Photo Exchange; PCI ISDN/audio/video capture card; headset with microphone; composite color video camera; boom microphone; dual video input cable for two camera inputs; quick install guide; and optional NT-1 Video Conferencing product 
09/09/1998300-MHz mobile Pentium(R) II processor  Microprocessor 
09/15/98 21145 Phoneline/Ethernet LAN controller Single-chip home networking silicon solution. Enables home networking over existing phone lines. Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/17/98 Intel Digital Versatile Disc Qualification and Integration Tool Kit (DQUIK); and Intel I/O Subsystem Performance Monitor (I/O Mon); and Intel 1394 Integration Toolkit All are Intel Performance Evaluation and Analysis Kit (IPEAK) tools to help developers integrate next-generation platform advances. DQUIK helps build systems that include DVD. I/O product is a software tool that monitors I/O. 1394 is a software suite designed to test Microsoft's bus class drivers. Developer tool 
10/05/1998Intel(R) Express 520T Switch; Express 140T Standalone Hub; Switch provides customers with dedicated 10/100-Mbps connections for up to 12 users or 12 workgroups within a stack of Intel's 500 series switches. Hub is available in 16- and 24-port versions and is 10/100-Mbps autosensing per port. Helps customers design and expand networks. Network product 
10/12/1998Intel(R) TeamStation(TM) System 4.0a Next-generation of the conference room workstation that combines standards-based ISDN and LAN video conferencing, Internet access, corporate network access and PC applications in one system. Now can combine up to three ISDN lines for transmission speed of 384 KBps -bandwidth that contributes to improved audio and video conferencing quality. Video Conferencing product 
10/13/98 Embedded processor products: 166- and 266­MHz low-power Pentium processors with MMX(TM) technology in new, high-thermal, low-profile plastic ball grid array (HL-PBGA) package for space-constrained embedded applications.Also the 100-MHz i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor (has a single PCI interface); SA-1100 and SA-1101 (StrongARM*) processors. Three embedded processor products that enable new types of computing devices (handheld consumer applicances, communications equipment, POS terminals, etc.) to connect to or interact with PCs. SA­1001 companion chip, in combination with the SA-1100 processor, provides low-power, high-performance and highly integrated solution for handheld PC market. Embedded control product 
10/15/98 82360 SL peripheral chip Peripheral device for intel386(TM) SL microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/26/98 Intel(R) NetportExpress(TM) 10/100 3-port Print Server For connecting up to three printers to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Network product 
10/30/98 LANDesk(R) Server Manager Pro v6 New release of the LANDesk Server Manager Pro product, which helps dramatically redue the cost of maintaining server health. Allows monitoring server health and performance, and diagnosis and repair via a LAN or remote connection. Integrated hardware and software server management solution. Network product 
11/02/1998Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) eMail Station Device that provides small businesses with professional e-mail capabilities at a price they can afford. Designed for businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Provides LAN and Internet e-mail capabilities, including automated send and retrieval of messages, remote dial-in e-mail and other benefits. Network product 
11/04/1998Intel(R) LANDesk(R) Management Suite 6.2 New version of the systems management suite that helps network administrators diagnose and resove PC problems from a Web-based management console that can be launched from any system on their network with an Internet connection and standard Web browser. Now available in French, German and Japanese language versions for the first time. Network product 
01/04/1999440ZX AGPset for low-cost PC systems Used in conjunction with Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors at 400MHz and 366 MHz for desktops Chip set 
01/04/1999Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors at 400 MHz and 366 MHz for desktops; For low-cost desktops Microprocessor 
01/05/1999450 MHz Pentium(R) II Xeon(TM) processors with 512 KB, 1MB and 2MB of Level 2 cache. To support servers and workstations using four or more processors Microprocessor 
01/07/1999300-MHz version of Pentium(R) processor with MMX technology for low-cost mobile PCs and mini-notebooks.  Microprocessor 
01/25/99 Pentium II processors at 333 and 366 MHz for mobile users; Intel(R) Celeron(TM) mobile processors at 266 and 300 MHz. All are for low-cost mobile PCs. Pentium II processors are first Pentium II processors built on a single processor silicon die (have 256KB of on-die Level 2 cache). Microprocessor 
02/01/1999Intel(R) PRO/100+ Management Adapter; Intel(R) PRO/100 Server Adapter; Intel(R) PR0/100 CardBus II; and Intel(R) PR0/100 LAN+Modem56 CardBus II New family of 10/100 Fast Ethernet adapters and LAN-on-motherboard (LOM) solutions. Based on the 82559 Fast Ethernet Controller (a 3.3V single-chip controller) Network product 
02/03/1999Intel(R)Play(TM) line of PC enhanced toys. Developed in conjunction with Mattel First two toys are the Intel Play X3(TM) Microscope and the Intel Play Me2Cam(TM). Both will be available from Mattel in fall of 1999. Toys 
02/09/1999Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) 8-Port 1O/100 Switch For small business networking Network product 
02/17/99 Vtune 4.0 performance engancement environment For Pentium(R) III processor. Development toolset. Provides software analysis and tuning. Includes upgrade to the Intel C/C++ compiler and new versions of the Intel Performance Libraries Software 
02/22/99 Extended Temperature 430TX PCIset For in-car computing. Used in conjunction with 166-MHz Extended Pentium Processor with MMX technology Chip set 
02/22/99 166 MHz Extended Temperature Pentium Processor with MMX technology; Extended Temperature 430TX PCIset For in-car computing. Used in conjunction with Extended Temperature 430TX PCIset. Microprocessor 
02/22/99 Intel(R) L440GX+ Server Board Offers large PCI bandwidth; it's a dual processor board. Computer reseller building block. Supports 2 Pentium *** or Pentium II processors and other hardware. Motherboard 
02/24/99 New members of iPEAK family of platform performance and integration tools. Graphic Performance Toolkit (GPT) version 2.0; Graphics Performance toolkit; updates on all other iPEAK tools  Developer tool 
02/25/99 Embedded Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors at 300- and 366 MHz For data and telecommunications, transaction terminals and industrial computing Embedded control product 
02/26/99 Pentium(R) III processor Designed for Internet experiences filled with rich audio, video animations and 3­D. Available in 450- and 500-MHz versions Microprocessor 
03/08/1999Intel NetportExpress 10 print servers -available in both a single-port version for standalone printers and a 3-port version for a lower connection cost with multiple printers. Low cost; provide simple, reliable printing solutions for 10 megabit-per-second Ethernet networks. Network product 
03/15/99 Intel PRO/100 CardBus II and Intel PRO/100 LAN+Modem56 CardBus II Latest members of Intel's family of 10/100 Fast Ethernet adapters and LOM (LAN-on Motherboard) solutions. Based on the 82559 Fast Ethernet Controller (new). Designed for mobile PCs. Network product 
03/16/99 Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) Print Station network appliance For small businesses for print sharing. Network product 
03/17/99 Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) processor for workstations and servers Initially in 500 MHz with 512 kilobyte 1 megabyte and 2 megabyte Level 2 cache ersions for 2-, 4- and 8-way and higher servers and workstations. Microprocessor 
03/22/99 Intel(R) Celeron(TM) at 433 MHz for value PCs  Microprocessor 
03/29/99 1.8 Volt Intel(R) Advanced+ Boot Block flash -28F160C18 Low-voltage flash for battery-powered handheld devices Flash Memory 
03/31/99 Intel(R) StrongARM(R) SA-1110 processor and SA-1111 companion chip Provide increased memory and design flexibility for hand-held product manufacturers and complement performance, power and cost benefits of the current SA-1100 processor and SA-1101 companion chip Microprocessor 
04/05/1999Mobile Celeron(TM) processor 333MHz for Low-Cost Mobile PCs; also low-voltage versions of the mobile Pentium II and Celeron processors at 266 MHz.  Microprocessor 
04/05/1999Intel(R) Express 330T Stackable Hubs and the Intel(R) Express 410T Standalone Switches Hubs avilable in both 16- and 24-port versions, capable of stacking up to 5 units high. Switches allow users to connect at either 10 or 100 Mbps Network product 
04/06/1999AnyPoint(TM) Home Network product line Makes it easier for families with more than one PC to share Internet access, printers, files and games. Uses existing phone lines to connect home PCs without need for additional wiring. Can be installed without opening the PC chassis because it attaches to the parallel port of home PCs. Includes three packages (Parallel Port Model for 2 PCs; Parallel Port Model for one PC; and a PCI adapter) Network product 
04/12/1999Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) Internet Station with Analog Modem Bonding Allows two or three analog connections to be combined, providing larger access pipe to the Internet. Significantly increases the availablility and speed for small business customers connecting to the Internet. Network product 
04/26/99 Celeron(TM) processor 466 MHz; Intel(R) 810 chipset For value PCs. Intel 810 chipset integrates 3D AGP grpahics and enables software-baed audio, modem and DVD capabilities. Microprocessor 
04/27/99 Intel(R) 752 graphics accelerator chip Complete multimedia solution for Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor-based platforms. Delivers enriched visual quality. Newest member of the Intel(R) Graphics Technology (IGT) family Peripherals and coprocessors 
04/28/99 C440GX+ Server board and the Cabrillo-Ca server chassis Server building blocks designed to be integrated with two Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) processors so that resellers and integrators can build cost-effective, high-performance servers. Motherboard 
05/17/99 Mobile 440MX and 440ZX chip sets For use with Mobile(R) Celeron(TM) processor at 366 MHz. 440ZX has support for AGP, bringing higher quality graphics to the mobile Value PC market. 440MX offers integrated one-chip design and support for "soft" audio and modem features. Chip set 
05/17/99 Mobile Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processor at 366 MHz All are for low-cost notebook computers. First implementation of the Micro PGA processor packaging. Used with Mobile 440MX and 440ZX chip sets Microprocessor 
05/17/99 550-MHz Pentium(R) III processor for the desktop Being delivered on PC platforms based on industry-mainstream Intel 440BX AGPset Microprocessor 
05/25/99 Intel(R) Pentium(R) II processor-Low Power for applied computing applications; also a 433­MHz Celeron(TM) processor, which joins the 300- and 366-MHz Intel Celeron processors announced for non-PC applications earlier this year. For emerging class of dedicated-function applictions, called applied computing, that are typically connected to other systems via a network or through the Internet. (e.g., embedded applications such as communications systems, POS terminals, ATMs, etc.) Available in 266- and 233-MHz versions. These were originally developed for mobile PCs. Also available in modules that combine the processor, the "northbridge" of the 440BX chipset, on-chip cache and voltage regulation. Microprocessor 
06/01/1999Intel(R) PC Camera Pack Priced at $79 and aimed at satisfying demand for basic PC cameras and videophone capabilities. Includes camera, Intel Video Phone software and Intel Email Postcard and PC camera games. Does not have Web page, movie building and editing capabilities of Intel(R) Create & Share(TM) product PC enhancement 
06/04/1999Intel(R) Persistent Storage Manager Flash memory software solution that simplfies system design by combining all non-volatile memory functions into a single memory chip solution. Enables OEMs to replace DRAM, Mask ROM and Backup cards with a single-chip solution Flash memory 
06/07/1999Intel(R) LANDesk(R) Client Manager 6 Standards-based desktop management product that provides system administrators with access to PC health, system assets, troubleshooting, problem resolution and desktop management information from any console connected to the Internet or a corporate intranet. Network product 
06/14/99 Mobile Pentium(R) II and Intel(R) Celeron processors at 400 MHz The Pentium processor version is Intel's first processor built on 0.18-micron process technology Microprocessor 
06/25/99 Intel(R) CA810 motherboard For systems integrators -- supports the Intel Celeron(TM) processor. Brings high-quality 3-D graphics and on-board audio to the value PC segment. MicroATX form factor. Combines 810 chipset with on-board Creative Labs* SoundBlaster* PCI audio subsystem Motherboard 
07/20/99 Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) Storage Station Network appliance designed to help small businesses increase productivity through collaborative file sharing, protecting of critical files and significantly increasing electronic file storage capacity Network product 
08/02/19993-volt Intel StrataFlash devices Uses 0.25-micron lithography; triples the read performance over previous version. 128 Mb chip. Flash memory 
08/02/1999Pentium(R) III processor at 600 MHz, Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processor at 500 MHz Pentium chip is for mainstream computing and the Celeron is for sub-$1,000 PCs Microprocessor 
08/09/1999New software module for Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3, available for download from the Internet Extends product so it can provide remote access and inventory for Linux­based systems Network product 
08/09/1999Intel(R) Express 460T Standalone Switch Affordable solution to help drive 100MBps swiching for faster LAN and Internet access Network product 
08/16/99 27C040 4-megabit EPROM - Intel's first X8 four-megabit device EPROM 
08/16/99 Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) Internet Station 56K; includes downloadable Intel InBusiness Network Setup Wizard Features built-in modem and hub. Makes shared Internet access simple and affordable for small businesses; it's a network appliance Network product 
08/23/99 Profusion(R)* chipset Enables eight-way Pentium(R) III Xeon processor-based servers Chip set 
08/23/99 Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) processor at 550 MHz with 512 KB L2 cache, 1MB L2 cache or 2MB L2 cache For server and workstation platforms. Announced with Profusion(R)* chipset Microprocessor 
08/23/99 Intel(R) PC Camera Pro Pack Includes video phone, video e-mail and auto snapshot capabilities. First PC camera with a built-in video capture plug to bring live or recorded video directly into PCs PC enhancement 
09/01/1999Intel(R) Internet Exchange (IX) Architecture; flagship product is the IXP 1200 network processor. Includes 13 supporting components such as family of scalable switching (IXE 2000 - Internet Exchange Engine Fast Ethernet LAN switching family) and formatting engines (IXF 6400-Internet Exchange Formatting & IXF 3461, IXF 1002, IXF440) and physical layer devices (LXT 1000 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, LXT97XX Octal Fast Ethernet PHY & LXT 6155 for WAN) for LANs and WANs or Internet networks. From Level One Communications, an Intel company. For designing networking and telecommunications equipment based on reprogrammable silicon and open interfaces. IXP 1200 is designed to replace ASICs in used in traditional equipment. It includes a StrongARM(R) processor core along with six programmable RISC micro engines. This version of the IXP 1200 network processor can process 2.5 million packets of data per second and operates at 166 MHz. Network Processor 
09/01/199913 supporting components such as family of scalable switching (IXE 2000 - Internet Exchange Engine Fast Ethernet LAN switching family) and formatting engines (IXF 6400-Internet Exchange Formatting & IXF 3461, IXF 1002, IXF440) and physical layer devices (LXT 1000 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, LXT97XX Octal Fast Ethernet PHY & LXT 6155 for WAN) for LANs and WANs or Internet networks. Announced in conjunction with IXP 1200 network processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/07/1999Intel 6000 Series Switch; Intel Express 9500 and 8200 routers help network administrators connect branch offices and regional sites to each other and to central sites. They complement the existing Intel Express 8100 router family. The routers support broad range of Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols. Broadens Intel's network systems product line to provide medium-sized enterprise customers with flexible, and manageable networking solutions. Intel 6000 Series Switch is a gigabit Ethernet switch; routers Network product 
09/14/99 Network security chipset that includes the Intel(R) 82559C Fast Ethernet Controller and the Intel(R) 82594ED Network Encryption Co­processor. Family of products to help companies develop protected networks; security-enabled connectivity products that defend against hackers with accelerated hardware for high-speed encryption. For adapters and LAN-on-Motherboard (LAN) applications; incorporate a new security chipset used by companies to protect proprietaryinformation. Available to PC, server and Net PC platform vendors. Chipset combines the Intel(R) 82559C Fast Ethernet Controller and the Intel(R) 82594ED Network Encryption Co-processor. Network product 
09/15/99 Mobile Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors running at 466 and 433 MHz Higher performance for value mobile market segment Microprocessor 
09/20/99 Intel 1.8 volt Dual-Plane Flash Memory in 32 Mb capacity High-performance code execution and data storage solution in 32 Mb capacity for cellular phones and other handheld wireless devices Flash memory 
09/22/99 AnyPoint(TM) Phoneline Home Network USB model USB Home networking solution; allows owners of PCs with USB ports to easily network their computers to share a single Internet connection wihtout the need for a second phone line or Internet account. Also can enjoy multi-player games from separate rooms in the house. Network product 
09/27/99 Intel(R) 810E Chipset; Chipset targets Pentium(R) III processor-based systems -mainstream performance segment. Extends the capabilities of the Intel(R) 810 Chipset for Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processor-based PCs into the mainstream Chip set 
09/27/99 Pentium(R) III processors at 600 MHz and 533 MHz, each supporting a 133-MHz system bus. Supported by the Intel(R) 810E Chipset Microprocessor 
09/28/99 Intel(R) Online Services Internet services hosting business; Second-generation - in addition to providing and managing the facilities and a network, Intel will purchase, integrate and deploy all the hardware and software necessary to run Internet applications. Internet product 
09/29/99 Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) 4-Port 10/100 Switch Designed to help small-business and home-office customers increase their network comunication speed and efficiency more affordably. Network product 
09/29/99 82559ER Fast Ethernet controller For embedded applications; delivers high performance, low power while utilizing smallest area of circuit board space. For high-speed connectivity in non-PC devices such as kiosks, transaction terminals, office printers and Windows*-based terminals Network product 
10/04/1999Shiva* Access Manager (SAM) 5.0 Remote-access authentication, authorization and accounting tool designed to help network administrators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) manage and integrate direct-dial and virtual private networking (VPN) solutions. A type of management software Network product 
10/12/1999Intel(R) Internet Authentication Services Business that develops online credential services designed to enable trusted health communications and transactions on the Internet Internet product 
10/18/99 New version of Intel(R) InBusiness(TM) Remote Services Center Enables value-added resellers (VARs) to provide comprehemsive and cost-effective remote support for the PCs and servers of small-business customers. Network product 
10/19/99 Enhancements to Intel(R) LANDesk(R) Management Suite Version 6.3 Provides improved flexibility and control, increased scalability, faster performance of software distributions over corporate networks. Network product 
10/19/99 Intel(R) LANDesk(R) Management Suite 6.3 Extension of this systems management solution for heterogenous operating environments. Extends its Web-based architecture to include Web-based reporting of system informaiton and delivers heightened scalability to provide support for large, networked systems Network product 
10/25/99 Intel(R) 840 Chipset For workstation and server market segments; came out in conjunction with 15 new Pentium(R) II and Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) processors Chip set 
10/25/99 Mobile Pentium(R) III processors in 500, 450 and 400 MHz speeds; Desktop Pentium III processors at 733, 700, 667, 650, 550, 533 and 500 MHz. Pentium III processors at 550 and 500 MHz in flip-chip (FC-PGA) package; Pentium III Xeon(TM) processors at 733, 667 and 600 MHz. Pentium(R) II and Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) processors built using 0.18-micron technology. All feature an Advanced Transfer Cache that delivers up to 25% performance boost compared to earlier Pentium III processors running at the same clock speed. Numerous packaging options. Microprocessor 
11/01/1999Shiva(R)* VPN Client Deployment Tool Intelligent, Web-based solution that helps network managers and medium enterprises and ISPs easily, quickly and accurately deploy large numers of fully configured Intel VPN software clients. Supports Intel's Shiva(R) LanRover VPN Gateway Plus, Gateway Express, versions 6.7 Network product 
11/08/1999Intel AnyPoint Phoneline Home Network 10 Mbps PCI Card Part of the AnyPoint 1Mbps products. Provides speed for demanding networking functions over existing phone lines, such as transfer of high-resolution graphics and other large files. Network product 
11/09/1999Intel(R) Software Integrity System Designed to enhance secure online distribution of premium digital content, such as music, video, documents and books. Designed for developers of content distribution platforms Software 
11/15/99 Intel(R) 820 Chipset for Pentium(R) III processors Features Direct RDRAM Memory Technology and AGP 4x graphics capabilities. Targeted at performance desktop market. Chip set 
12/20/99 Pentium(R) III processors at 800 MHz and 750 MHz For desktop PC market segment. Like all Intel 0.18-micron Pentium III processors, they have Advanced Transfer Cache and Advanced System Buffering Microprocessor