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Intel Time Line 1990-1995

Date Product Name Description Product Type 
01/08/199082340SX and 82340DX chip sets Two chip sets for the Intel386(TM) processor architecture Chip Set 
01/08/1990iPSC(R)/860 supercomputer High-performance supercomputer based on i860(R) microprocessor technology Supercomputer products 
01/15/90 82521TB serial supercomponent and 82523 TB medium attachment unit (MAU) supercomponent Two twisted-pair Ethernet* (TPE) supercomponents; they combine analog interface circuitry, Intel silicon and custom magnetics on a circuit board Network product 
01/21/90 85C060-10 10-nanosecond, 16-macrocell CMOS microcomputer programmable logic device (muPLD) PLD 
01/22/90 Intel MicroSystem Series 4000, 3000 and 1000 Ready-to-use OEM workstations for the i486, i386 DX and i386 SX microprocessors, respectively Integrated System 
01/22/90 iMX-PORT/8 intelligent serial expansion card; and the iMX-LAN-586 Ethernet card Expansion cards for UNIX*-based AT systems with 80286, i386 and i486 CPUs Network product 
01/23/90 ICE(TM)-51/PC series of emulators Low-cost in-circuit emulator for current and MCS-51 microcontroller products Developer Tool 
01/23/90 87C51FC Version of MCS-51 8-bit, single-chip microcontroller - doubles memory capacity (to 32 Kbytes) of the preceding 87C51FB (16 Kbytes). Embedded control product 
01/25/90 82430 SC PC AT chip set For the 20-MHz version of the 386(TM) SX microprocessor Chip Set 
01/25/90 ICE(TM)-386SX-20 in-circuit emulator For the 20-MHz version of the 386(TM) SX microprocessor Developer Tool 
01/25/90 20 MHz-version of the 386(TM) SX microprocessor For entry-level desktop and portable computing Microprocessor 
01/25/90 82385 SX cache controller, 387(TM) SX math coprocessor, 82596 SX LAN coprocessor Peripherals for the 386SX(TM) microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/25/90 82385 SX cache controller, 387(TM) SX math coprocessor, 82596 SX LAN coprocessor Peripherals for the 386SX(TM) microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/25/90 M51256 and M51256L Military static RAMs; second one is also DESC-compliant SRAM 
01/29/90 SM28F001AX Flash single in-line memory module (SIMM) Based on ETOX(TM)-II flash memory technology; built with eight Intel 28F010 1-Mbit CHMOS Flash Memories in PLCCs Flash memory 
02/05/1990ActionMedia 750 DVI products, a 2-board solution that reduces number of boards and cost to implement DVI technology. (Intel acquired DVI technology from General Electric in October 1988) DVI products Video products 
03/05/199087C51FC and 87C54 automotive versions of the MCS-51 family of 8-bit CHMOS* single-chip microcontrollers FC offers 32 Kbytes of EPROM capacity, double that of the 87C51FB predecessor; 87C54 is cost-reduced version of the existing 87C51FB minus the programmable counter array (PCA) and is directed at brake control designs requiring only 16 Kbytes of EPROM. Embedded control product 
03/19/90 80C198 and 80C194 entry-level microcontrollers with 8-bit external buses­80C198 includes A/D converter; 80C196KC, 80C196KR, 80C196JR, 80C196KQ, 80C196JQ high-performance microcontrollers New versions of 16-bit embedded control family; provide path for easier 8­bit to MCS(R)-96 migration Embedded control product 
04/02/199089C024LT chip set: comprised of 89C026LT microcontroller and the 89027 analog front-end Low-power, high-performance, error-correcting laptop model chip set Chip Set 
04/09/1990ICE(TM)-960SB in-circuit emulator Designed for i960 SA and i960 SB microprocessor-based system development. For hardware and software debugging. I960 SA and i960 SB were introduced in late 1990. They (S series [processors] feature 32-bit performance with 16-bit external bus for cost-sensitive apps Developer Tool 
04/25/90 5AC324-25 25-nanosecond version of the advanced architecture, 24-macrocell, CHMOS EPLD. Doubles the density of the first advanced family member, the 5AC312 EPLD 
05/07/199082350 EISA 32-bit Bus Architecture Chip Set Chip set for 33-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor Chip Set 
05/07/1990ICE(TM) i486 33-MHz In-Circuit Emulator For development of 33-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor systems Developer Tool 
05/07/199033-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor and the Turbocache486(TM) Module; Microprocessor is 32 percent faster than the earlier 25-MHz version. Turbocache486 Module is highly integrated single-socket optional second-level cache memory product that boosts i486 microprocessor-based system performance up to 15 percent. Microprocessor 
05/07/199085C224 High-Speed Programmable Logic Device For use with the 33-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor PLD 
05/24/90 Low Power 12-MHz 386 SX microprocessor For battery-powered laptop/notebook PC market. Follow-on to earlier Low Power 16- and 20-MHz 386 SX microprocessors Microprocessor 
05/29/90 Intel 287XL Math CoProcessor For use in any 286 microprocessor-based computer. Offers 50 percent higher performance than the Intel 80287 math coprocessor. Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/18/90 80C186EB 16-bit embedded processor -- based on a fully static core and a one-micron cell-based library of peripheral and memory circuits. Modular design technology using the cell-based library's contents enables Intel to deliver application-specific standard products Application-specific circuit 
06/18/90 82395 DX (386 Smart Cache) Single-chip, 16-kilobyte cache memory controller for 386(TM)DX microprocessor-based systems. It is Intel's first million-transistor peripheral component. Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/20/90 28F010 and 28F020 TSOP flash memory components Industry's highest density flash memory in a thin, small outline package (TSOP). One is one-megabit, and other is 2-megabit Flash memory 
07/16/90 ICE(TM)-486 In-Circuit Emulator ICE-486 emulator - provides real-time emulation for i486(TM) microprocessor system designers Developer Tool 
09/01/199082586 (YEAR/MONTH UNKNOWN, but prior to 9/90) iEEE 802.3 8-/16-bit Ethernet LA controller Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/26/90 DB960CADIC In-circuit debug monitor -- a low-cost development tool that allows real-time debugging of applications based on the 33 MHz i960 CA 32-bit embedded RISC processor Developer Tool 
09/26/90 i960 SA and i960 SB 32-bit embedded RISC processors Both have 16-bit external buses, bringing 32-bit performance to 16-bit processor environments. SA targeted for I/O processing and imaging applications; SB includes a floating-point unit. Embedded control product 
10/05/1990Intel386(TM) SL microprocessor. Intel386 processor designed for notebook-sized PCs, plus peripheral components. 82360SL I/O subsystem chip along with the 386 SL processor form the 386 SL Microprocessor SuperSet. They combine nearly all of the logic components needed to build an IBM 386 computer Microprocessor 
10/05/1990 Also the 82360SL (a complete IBM PC/AT*) compatible peripheral subsystem chip; also a family of low-poweer notebook system peripherals, including Flash Memory Cards and ETOX(TM) flash memory components, 80C51SL low-power no Peripherals for building low-power notebook from Intel386SL processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/08/199085C090 general-purpose EPLD Industry's fastest 40-pin CMOS erasable programmable logic device (EPLD). EPLD 
10/08/19901-megabyte (iMC001FLKA) and four-megabyte (iMC004FLKA) Flash Memory Cards First PC memory cards based on flash memory technology. Credit card-sized package, stands to replace floppy and hard disk drives in portable PCs of the future. Flash memory 
10/08/1990iMC001FLKA (one-megabit) and iMC004FLKA (4-megabit) Flash Memory Cards and Flash Memory System Developer's Kit A memory solution targeted at portable PCs. Intended as substitute for floppy and hard disk drives. The developer's kit includes a flash memory card, and IBM PC AT/XT* memory card interface board an evaluation copy of Microsoft's FFS (Flash File System) Flash memory 
10/10/1990AX28F256A (256-Kbit), AX28F512 (512-Kbit), AX28F010 (1-Mbit) automotive flash memory devices Line of flash memory devices for automotive applications. Available in three densities and packaging types. Designed for novolatile memory in automotive engine control and navigation systems Flash memory 
10/10/1990256-Kbit AX28F256A; 512-Kbit AX28F512; and 1-Mbit AX28F010 Automotive flash memory devices --conform to automotive temperature regulations Flash memory 
10/15/90 89C024FT 2400 bits-per-second (bps) modem chip set Low-power CMOS modem chip set allows a complete V.42/V.42bis modem to be built in less than three square inches--consuming as little as 5 milliwats of power. Designed for notebooks and portable PCs Microcommunica tions 
10/15/90 Intel386(TM) SL microprocessor Designed for notebook PCs Microprocessor 
10/15/90 386(TM) SL microprocessor and 82360 SL peripheral chip The microprocessor has an architectural extension for power management - designed for lightweight notebook PCs; Microprocessor 
10/31/90 iSBC(R) 386 SX(TM) Embeddable PC Personal computer on the Multibus I (IEEE 796) form factor board Single-board computer 
10/31/90 iSBC 486/12 and iSBC 486/12S boards High performance Multibus I CPU boards. Only difference between the two is that the 12S offers an on-board SCSI peripheral interface. Single-board computer 
10/31/90 iPSC/860 FORTRAN and C cross-compilers and an iPSC/860 application toolset featuring the :ProSolver family of parallel matrix solvers and uniprocessor versions of the BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines) and NAG* mathematical function libraries Software for the iPSC(R)/860 supercomputers Software 
11/05/1990I-750(TM)-video processor (consists of 82750PB pixel processor and 82750 DB display processor) Chipset (2 chips) that allow personal computers to produce and interat with digital, full-motion video and stereo sound. First chips with full multimedia capabilities Chip set 
11/05/1990Model 403E and Model 402; 300 LPSX-16 First two are high-performance i486(TM) microprocessor-based platforms; third is a small-footprint 386(TM) SX(TM) microprocessor-based platform. Model 403E is a deskside server based on the extended industry standard architecture (EISA) bus for multiuser Integrated system 
11/27/90 8XC196MC (X = on-chip memory type; C = CHMOS technology) application-specific standard product (ASSP) version of the 8XC196 microcontroller family designed specifically for quieter and more power-conservative motor control Based on the industry-standard 16-bit MCS(R)-96 architecture. Application-specific circuit 
12/17/90 27C400 4-megabit EPROM that is fully pin-compatible with the emerging industry standard pinout for X16 mask ROM devices EPROM 
12/17/90 82395SX (8-kilobyte); 82396SX (16-Kbyte); Extension of 386(TM) Smart cache architecture with two new versions of cache memory contollers. Designed for 20-megahertz 386 SX(TM) microprocessor-based systems Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/24/91 ICE(TM)-196KC/HX In-Circuit Emulator Speeds development integration and testing of MCS(R)-96 microcontroller­based systems Developer Tool 
03/11/1991PLDshell™ Universal Programmable logic design PC software tool that supports Intel PLDs and other industry-standard devices Software 
03/18/91 Neural Network Training System (iNNTS) for 80170NX high-speed neural network chip. 80170 was introduced in 1989 For neural network application development. To simulate train and operate a high-speed neural network. Developer Tool 
04/02/1991Intel 386/486 C Code Builder(TM) Kit Comprehensive software toolkit for 32­bit MS-DOS applications - contains all tools necessary to create 32-bit DOS applications for Intel386(TM) and Intel486(TM) microprocessor-based PCs Software 
04/08/1991C8051 Compiler Kit; SimCASE simulato4/debugger; SimI/O, a programmable I/O simulator C and Simulation tool support for 8051 development Software 
04/22/91 82350DT chip set: contains 82357 integrated system peripheral; 82358 EISA bus controller; 82352 EISA bus buffer; 82359 DRAM controller; 82353 advanced data path chip; and 82351 local input/output (I/O) device. EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) chip set for the development of a small form factor Intel486(TM) microprocessor-based desktop system. This is a superset of Intel's original 82350 EISA chip set, which only had the 82357, 82358 and 82352. Chip set 
04/22/91 Intel486(TM) SX microprocessor Entry-level priced i486 microprocessor. Runs at 20 MHz. Delivers up to 40 percent greater performance than Intel's highest performance i386(TM) microprocessor. Microprocessor 
04/29/91 Matched(TM) Memory SIMMS (Single In-Line Memory Modules) Motherboard memory for IBM* PS/2* Models 90 and 95 and compatibles PC enhancement 
05/13/91 28F001BX Flash memory device with block-erasure capability. Designed for updatable BIOS (basic input/output systems) in PCs and updatable firmware in minimum-chip embedded applications. A one-megabit device, "Boot Block" device Flash memory 
05/13/91 AboveBoard(TM) MC Full-featured memory board that works in both 16-bit and 32-bit Micro Channel* architecture (MCA) systems. PC enhancement 
05/13/91 Matched Memory LaserJet modules in 1MB and 2 MB versions System-specific memory products designed for Hewlett Packard LaserJet* printers. Add-in memory products for LaserJet printers to combine expandability, 4MB capacity and switchless installation. Both boards are expandable to 4MB using industy-standard DRAM PC enhancement 
05/20/91 SnapIn 386 Compact upgrade module that increases capability of an IBM* 80286­based PS/2* to that of an Intel386(TM) SX microprocessor-based machine. This module plugs directly into the socket of an IBM PS/2 Model 50 or Model 60, boosting performance as much as two-fold PC enhancement 
05/20/91 8242WA (PC AT*-compatible device with LED support for 6- or 8-megahertz systems); and 8242WB, supporting an IBM PS/2*-style mouse Keyboard controllers for 80286, Intel386(TM) SX, Intel 386 and Intel486 (TM) CPU-based systems. Peripherals and coprocessors 
05/28/91 82077SL floppy disk controller Superset of Intel's industry-standard 82077AA. First single-chip floppy disk controller with self power-management mode transparent to software and hardware. Powers down when not in use for one millisecond or less. Designed for portable PCs. Peripherals and coprocessors 
05/30/91 Touchstone Delta sets new speed record Installed at Caltech 2 weeks before, the Intel Touchstone Delta system achieved 8.6 GFLOPS (billion floating-point operations per second). It's a 528­processor system. Uses 520 i860 chips plus i386(TM) processors Supercomputer products 
06/05/1991i860 Station Complete UNIX-based development system that includes an assembler, linker, debugger and compilers for i860 processor-based system design Developer Tool 
06/05/199125-MHz i860 XR microprocessor Low-cost, lower speed version of the first generation i860(TM) microprocessor Microprocessor 
06/05/1991i860(TM) XP microprocessor World's most highly integrated high-performance microprocessr. Features 2,550,000 transistors and 100 MFLOPS peak performance. Designed for high-end computing systems, including parallel supercomputers, workstations, etc. Available in 50- and 40-MHz versi Microprocessor 
06/05/199182495XP cache controller, 82490XP Cache RAM Peripherals for the i860(TM) XP microprocessor. Work with the processor to reduce system bus utilization, allowing a single system bus to share up to eight i860 XP microprocessors. Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/10/1991i960(TM) MX microprocessor Superscalar microprocessor for military avionics systems Microprocessor 
06/17/91 NetPort(TM) print server For token ring networks. Allows printers to be connected anywhere on a Novell* Netware(R) token ring LAN in 10 minutes or less, without shutting down the file server. Network Product 
06/17/91 DB86A ARTIC debugger Provides debugging environment to support multitasking applications program development for users of IBM's 80C186 processor-based ARTIC real-time interface coprocessor cards. These cards usually provide special coprocessing functions typically in communic Software 
06/24/91 50-MHz Intel486(TM) DX microprocessor Performs 50 percent faster than current 33-MHz version Microprocessor 
06/26/91 Intel386 SL Microprocessor SuperSet Evaluation Kit Contains all hardware, software and documentation to observe the performance of the Intel386(TM) SL microprocessor under conditions that simulate a notebook PC. Developer Tool 
06/27/91 M85C220 Fast Programmable Logic Device (PLD) that is Military qualified (MIL­STD 883C) PLD 
07/03/1991Microcomputer Model 302i Full-featured 25-MHz Intel386(TM) computer that has been toughened to operate in environments with higher temperatures, dirtier air and vibration. A ruggedized, rack-mountable OEM microcomputer platform. Designed for industrial and laboratory environments Integrated system 
09/01/1991NetSight Sentry and NetSight Professional Enhancement Sentry is a full-featured hardware/software monitor, Enhancement is a software upgrade that adds full-featured multiprotocal analyzer to the NetSight Sentry monitor Network product 
09/03/1991LS40SX Matched Memory Modules - Models: LTSM 1240 (2MB), LTSM 1440 (4MB) and LTSM 1840 (8MB) Matched Memory modules for IBM Corp.'s PS/2* Laptop 40SX (L40SX). First in a line of add-in memory products for portable computers. Available in 2MB, 4MB, and 8MB versions PC enhancement 
09/11/1991NET SatisFaxtion (Client/server software that extends the benefits of the SatisFAXtion board to all users on a LAN); LANSpool 286/386/LM (an upgrade of the current LANSpool, which is a software-based print spooler); LANSpool/FAX (an add-in module for LANS 23 separate products that fall into three families, as listed Network Product 
09/11/1991iSBC 486DX33 single-slot PC compatible CPU board; 2 baseboards for the Multibus II modular I/O system: a 20 MHz i486(TM) microprocessor-based MIX baseboard and a 4-Mbyte i386 CPU-based MIX baseboard (MIX = Modular Interface eXtension); and the System 520 All are Multibus II products designed fo boost flexibility for OEMs Single-board computer 
09/13/91 i386(TM) SL-25 microprocessor 25-MHz version of Intel386(TM) SL microprocessor Microprocessor 
09/16/91 Model 2400+ in certified North American and Japanese versions; 2-megabyte Flash Card; 82365SL interface controller Exchangeable, plug-in IC cards to support today's announced Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) 2.0 specification flash memory 
09/16/91 2-megabyte flash card Announced in conjunction with Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) 2.0 specification Flash memory 
09/16/91 25- and 16-MHz versions of Intel486(TM) SX microprocessor; Microprocessors Microprocessor 
09/16/91 Intel487(TM) SX Math coprocessor For the 25- and 16-MHz versions of the Intel486(TM) SX microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/16/91 82365SL interface controller Announced in conjunction with Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) 2.0 specification Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/20/91 MD27C040 EPROM 32-lead, 4-megabit EPROM that is military qualified. EPROM 
09/21/91 SatisFAXtion(TM) board First multifunction PC fax board with a one-step What You Print is What you FAX (WYPIWYF[tm]) interface. It's Intel's second-generation PC fax board, combining a 9600 bps fax modem, 2400 bps Microcomp Networking Protocol (MNP) 5 data modem and grayscale s PC enhancement 
09/30/91 ICE(TM)-18XEB, ICE-18xLEA and ICE­18xEC All deliver real-time, in-circuit emulation for hardware and software development and debugging environments for the corresponding 80C186 processors. Developer Tool 
09/30/91 80C186EC, 80C186EA and 80C186XL processors CHMOS 16-bit microprocessors that integrate additional peripherals with a new static CPU core. EC is most highly integrated, with 4 direct memory access (DMA) channels, 2 interrupt controllers, 22 I/O ports and 4 timers, in addition to standard 80C186 pro Embedded control product 
10/02/199182961KA printer control application-specific standard product (ASSP) Designed for printer controllers based on the i960 KA/KB microprocessors. It's user programmable and replaces a large number of descrete TTL (transistor-to-transistor logic) devices for system control in priter system designs. Application-specific circuit 
10/17/91 ActionMedia(TM) II DVI products (jointly developed with IBM). Include PC add-in boards (PLV and RTV2.0), system software and compression algorithms that run under OS/2* 1.3, Windows* 3.0, and DOS*. DVI(R) products that give developers better digital video image quality, lower price, OS/2, Windows Video products 
11/22/91 Matched(TM) Memory modules for Compaq Computer Corp's notebook and Laptop PCs. (LTE 386s/20; LTE/286; SLT/286; and SLT 386s/20) Provide laptop and notebook users with additional memory they need to run Windows* 3.0 and memory-intensive applications. PC enhancement 
12/06/1991SnapIn 386 modules for the IBM PS/2* Model 50Z, PS/2 Model 30 286 and PS/2 Model 25 286 Upgrade modules - replaces the 286 CPU of a compatible IBM system with a 20-MHz Intel386 SX microprocessor, boosting system performance up to 2 times. PC enhancement 
01/06/1992CMOS 85C22V10 PLD CMOS 22V10 compatible PLD running at 100-MHz count frequency with a 10 nanosecond propagation delay PLD 
01/12/1992EtherExpress FlashC LAN adapter (offers on-board Intel flash memory) and EtherExpress 16CLAN adapter (can be upgraded with flash memory). Both are additions to Intel's etherExpress(TM) adapter family. Brings new level of manageability to networked PCs. The FlashC model is an 8/16-bit ISA card. 16C is a multi-connector 8/16-bit ISA card. Network Product 
01/14/92 25-MHz version of Intel386 SX microprocessor for desktop systems (Intel386 SX-25) Microprocessor Microprocessor 
01/27/92 EtherExpress TPE (twisted pair Ethernet) hub boards, and EtherExpress ISA Hub Adapter Bring affordable, manageable connectivityto 10Base-T TPE LANs. Network Product 
02/04/1992C860 software development toolkit A DOS-based C cross-compiler kit that generates code for the 64-bit i860(TM) microprocessor Software 
02/17/92 RapidCAD(TM) Engineering CoProcessor Sold through PC retailers, dealers and distributors. Improves performance on technical software applications like CAD, 3-D modeling, math/statistical analysis. It's a two-chip engineering coprocessor the improves applications on Intel386(TM) DX microproce PC Enhancement product 
02/28/92 ICE(TM) 386(TM) SL in-circuit emulator Development tool for hardware and software engineers designing products for the emerging market for notebook PCs Developer Tool 
03/03/1992Intel486(TM) DX2 microprocessor; Also demonstrated the OverDrive processor, the retail version of the DX2, which will be available within 60 days. Plugs into existing upgradable Intel486 SX and DX CPU-based systems. Incorporates speed doubler technology that enables the processor to operate twice as fast as surrounding components. Lets computer manufacturers easily increase the speed of their existing Intel486 CPU-based systems. Runs at 50MHz while interfacing with 2 Microprocessor 
03/03/19923.3-volt Intel486(TM) DX and SX microprocessors Microprocessors - Allows systems with Intel486-class performance with battery life and power management Microprocessor 
03/11/199240-95 degrees Celsius version of Intel386(TM) SL CPU Extended temperature versions of power-managed Intel386 SL processor and peripheral - designed for portable applications. Microprocessor 
03/11/1992Modem 2400+ for use in Germany, Sweden and the U.K. Credit-card sized modem for laptop, notebook and notepad computers. Plug-in modem card to support the PC Memory Card International Associaion (PCMCIA) 2.0 specification PC Enhancement 
03/11/199282360 SL single-chip I/O subsystem Peripheral for 40-95-degrees Celsius version of the Intel386(TM) SL CPU Peripherals and coprocessors 
03/19/92 NetSight Analyst and Ethernet version of NetSight Professional Analyst is a portable, software-only, low-cost, portable protocal analyzer; Professional is a diagnostic tool giving network administrators/engineers on-line-monitoring and protocol analysis in Ethernet networking environments. Network product 
03/30/92 Version 1.1 of the C Code Builder(TM) Kit Comprehensive package of development tools for creating enhanced-performance DOS applications that take full advantage of the Intel386(TM) and Intel486(TM) microprocessor architecture. Software 
04/06/1992SnapIn 386(TM) upgrade module Replaces the 80286 microprocessor in compatiable systems with a 20-MHz Intel386(TM) SX microprocessor, boosting system performance up to two times. Supports OS/2* 2.0 Microprocessor 
04/06/1992NetPort(TM) II print server and LANSpool(R) 3.5 print server software Hardware and software print servers that bring centralized control and management to distributed printers on LANs. They connect printers to Novell NetWare networks Network Product 
04/15/92 Release 2.0 of iRMX(R) for Windows real-time operating system Offers dynamic data exchange (DDE) support, DOS networking, etc. for Windows. Allows users to manage and control equipment, machines and processes from a standard PC using Microsoft Windows. iRMX for Windows operating system was first introduced in 1991; Software 
04/20/92 SatisFAXtion(R) Modem/400 (internal high-speed faxmodem), SatisFAXtion Modem/400e (external high-speed faxmodem); SatisFAXtion Modem/200 (new version of original SatisFAXtion board); SatisFAXtion Modem/100 (entry-level internal faxmodem for first-time mo Desktop faxmodems PC Enhancement 
04/22/92 28F008SA (8-Megabit FlashFile(TM) memory component) and Series 2 iMC004FLSA (4­megabyte), iMC010FLSA (10-megabyte) and iMC020FLSA (20-megabyte) Flash Memory Cards Flash memory Flash memory 
04/23/92 Ap BUILDER First Windows* 3.0-based software tool that simplifies programming process of embedded microcomponents. Offered for free. Supports 80C186EA/EB/EC 16-bit microprocessor products Software 
04/27/92 LANSight(TM) Support 3.0 software for Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LAN Server networks Server-based troubleshooting tool for day-to-day management of LANs Network product 
05/04/1992i960(TM) CF microprocessor Second member of Intel's superscalar series of microprocessors. Increases performance of existing CA version by as much as 100 percent while maintaining socket- and object-code compatibility Embedded control product 
05/26/92 First OverDrive(TM) processor for retail market. Includes one for 16- and 20-MHz and one for 25-MHz Intel486(TM) SX CPU-based systems Allow users of Intel486 SX systems to double the internal speeds of their computers' CPUs by adding a single chip, without upgrading or modifying other system components. OverDrive processors 
06/15/92 Intel386 SL microprocessor with FlexibleVoltage operation -- designed for 3.3 volt systems Low-voltage microprocessor for lightweight PCs (subnotebooks and tablets) that demand the desktop performance and extended battery life of full-size SL notebooks from a battery as little as half the size Microprocessor 
06/18/92 LANProtect 1.5 software For network virus protection Network product 
06/22/92 Low-voltage ICE(TM)-386 SL emulator probe For in-circuit debug of the Intel386(TM) SL microprocessor. Supports processors with flexiblevoltage operation Developer Tool 
06/22/92 ICE-196KD/HX 20-MHz in-circuit emulator to support the new 16-bit 80C196KD microcontroller Developer Tool 
06/22/92 87C196KD microcontroller 16-bit product that is an upgrade to the existing 87C196KC with 32Kbytes on-chip ROM and one Kbyte on-chip RAM. Available in both 16- and 20­MHz versions Embedded control product 
06/22/92 28F400BX/004BX and 28F002BX/200BX Boot Block flash memories 400 is 4-megabit, and 200 is 2-megabit Flash memory 
06/22/92 iPLD22V10, iPLD610 and iPLD910 New industry-standard programmable logic device (PLD) line PLD 
06/29/92 NOS-Independent EtherExpress TPE Hubs, Hub Control Panel, Ether Express TPE Hubs for NetWare 3.11, Remote Hub Agent for NetWare Hub Services Family of manageable PC-based hub products for 10base-T Ethernet Networks Network Product 
06/29/92 LANSight(TM) Support 3.0 software for Novelle NetWare Enhanced version of the diagnostic tool for effective management of LANs. Runs under Windows 3.X or DOS Network product 
08/03/1992FAXability Plus and FAXability PLUS/OCR Software for Windows Two versions of fax application designed to run on any industry-standard faxmodem. Second version has support for optical character recognition (OCR) technology Software 
08/04/199282961KD printer coprocessor chip Complements 32-bit RISC i960(TM) Kx series microprocessors in printer system applications Peripherals and coprocessors 
08/10/199266 MHz Intel486 DX2 microprocessor Extension of Intel486(TM) processor line Microprocessor 
08/10/199282527 CAN 2.0 chip Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol Specification 2.0 chip; for automotive networking. First available implementation of the CAN protocol specification 2.0. Jointly developed by Robert Bosch, GmbH and Intel Peripherals and coprocessors 
08/24/92 i860(TM) XR microprocessor Military-qualified 40-MHz processor. Ideal for digital signal processing, imagina applications such as radar, sonar and terrain mapping Microprocessor 
08/31/92 iFX780 chip First device in Intel's FlexLogic Field programmable gate array (FPGA) family. PLD 
09/01/199282593 LAN coprocessor LAN coprocessor for portable PC networking applications; introduced prior to 9/1/92 Network product 
09/14/92 OverDrive(TM) processors for Intel486(TM) DX CPU-based systems Available in 168- and 169-pin versions; second version in the line of retail OverDrive processors OverDrive processors 
09/21/92 82596CA coprocessor 32-bit Ethernet LAN coprocessors in 16- and 20-MHz clock speeds Network product 
09/21/92 CTOOLS960 Release 4.0 Industry's first superscalar microprocessor-tyned C language compiler Software 
10/05/1992Ethernet LAN Card and Fax 9600 Card PCMCIA-compatible cards for I/O. Ethernet LAN card based on Intel's LAN controller and serial interface technology; provides client driver support on industry-standard network operating systems. Fax 9600 card provides high-performance fax and data communications PC enhancement 
10/09/1992Intel486(TM) SL microprocessors Designed for mobile computing. Delivers twice the processing speed of the fastest Intel386 SL CPU, has 3.3-bolt CPU and advanced power management.Available in three different packages and in 25-MHz, 20­MHz and 16-MHz versions Microprocessor 
10/12/199282489DX Industry's first commercially available interrupt controller that supports multiprocessing systems. First implementation of the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) architecture, which is optimized for modern operating systems. Can operate al Peripherals and coprocessors 
11/09/1992Low-voltage 82360SL I/O chips and Intel SL Evaluation Kit Companion I/O chip for Intel486 SL processor. Peripherals and coprocessors 
11/10/1992Intel's Indeo(TM) technology Software developed to bring video to PCs based on Intel386(TM) or Intel486(TM) processors. Video products 
11/11/1992Intel Paragon(TM) XP/S supercomputer Scalable from 5 to 300 gigaFLOPS, i860(TM) processor-based. Installed at DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. First installation of an Intel Paragon supercomputer. 35 gigaFLOPS system. Will be scaled to 150 GFLOPS in 1993. Supercomputer products 
12/07/199282078Floppy disk controller suited for both desktop and notebook applications. Based on Intel's 82077AA/SL--the industry-standard floppy disk controller. Features 3.3-volt support and enhanced power management for longer battery life. Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/11/1993SatisFAXtion Modem/300 Internal faxmodem that supports the V.32bis industry modem standard for data transfer. Comes with SatisFAXtion DOS faxing software, enabling fax sending and receiving at 9,600 bps. PC Enhancement 
02/12/1993Ni1000 Second-generation neural network chip jointly developed with Nestor Inc. for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Has 1,024 artificial neurons Peripherals and coprocessors 
03/22/93 82430 PCIset for Pentium(TM) processor Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) chipset designed exclusively for the Pentiurm processor. Enables OEMs to develop fifth-generation desktop PCs that exploit full performacne of the processor and the high I/O bandwidth of the PCI architecture. Chip Set 
03/22/93 Pentium(TM) processor 112 MIPS, five times more powerful than original Intel486(TM) processor, 300 times faster than 8088. Contains 3.1 million transistors. Available in 66-and 60 MHz speeds. .8-micron BiCMOS process. 2 on-chip 8K caches. Integrated floating-point unit. Microprocessor 
03/22/93 System building blocks for Pentium processor: the 82496 Advanced Cache Controller, the 82489 DX interrupt controller Peripherals for the Pentium processor. Designed for OEMs to build systems Peripherals and coprocessors 
03/22/93 82491 cache (custom SRAMs) System building blocks for Pentium processor SRAM 
03/29/93 8xC196MD controller (initial version: 87C196MD) Motor control member of Intel's MCS(R)-96 advanced 16-bit microcontroller family. Applications may include electric motors. VCRs, consumer/industrial motor control, etc. Embedded control product 
03/29/93 TokenExpress(TM) EISA/32 LAN adapter High-performance 32-bit network interface card for EISA-based systems linked to token ring LANs. Ensures high throughput for servers and 32-bit workstations Network product 
03/30/93 Intel Smart Video Recorder Retail video add-in card for PCs. Allows users to record and save motion video in a single step. The video can then be incorporated into presentations, training and electronic mail. Typical user can record video from laser disks, camers or VCRs. They can PC enhancement 
04/06/1993Project BUILDER 196 Low-cost application project kit with modeling software for the 196KB/KC/KD microcontrollers. Includes ModelBUILDER, a system-level application modeling and performance analysis tool; a retargetable symbolic debug monitor; a demo version of ASM96 Macro Assembler Developer Tool 
04/14/93 MBIIUNIXODK Software solution that gives Intel's MULTIBUS II embedded workstation family (iSBC 48486/DS6600V, iSBC 486/DX3300V, and iSBC 486/SX2500V)) the power of standard off-the-shelf UNIX software from UNIVEL*. Combines the off-the-shelf UNIVEL software, standard PC Software 
05/10/1993FLEXlogic PLUS Design Kits Advanced design kits that support design environments for Intel FPGAs and iPLDs on Cadence, Mentor and VIEWlogic CAE systems. Intel's first FLEXlogic FPGA is the iFX780, a CMOS device that combines the predictable speed, low cost and east-of-use of a PLD Developer Tool 
06/14/93 NetSight Trend Reporter Software utility that enables LAN service providers or OEMs to interpret easily the raw network data captured by Intel's NetSight Sentry network monitor or NetSight Professional protocol analyzer (which includes the monitor features of Sentry). Trend Repo Network product 
06/15/93 Intel Wireless Modem Compact, lightweight transceiver that allows users of IA mobile PCs to send and receive messages wirelessly over the Ram Mobile Data networks, which cover 6,000 cities and towns in the top 200 U.S. metropolitan areas. Its the result of a cooperative effor PC Enhancement 
06/21/93 SL Enhanced Intel486(TM) microprocessors. Includes the Intel486 SX CPU at 25- and 33­MHz; the Intel486 DX CPU at 33- and 50-MHz (5 volt only); and Intel486 DX2 at 40- (3.3-volt only) and 50-MHz (5-volt only) and 66-MHz (5­volt only). ` Designed for energy-efficient computers. Announcement says the company's entire Intel486(TM) processor family is now available with energy-efficient technology, the same technology as in the Intel486 SL microprocessors. Microprocessor 
07/26/93 82C42PE Keyboard controller designed for PC products participating in the EPA's Energy Star (energy-efficient) Program. Peripherals and coprocessors 
07/27/93 IntelFaxmodems (24/96i-internal, 24v/96i, internal; 24v/96e, external; 96/96i, internal; 96/96e, external; 144/144i, internal; 144/144e, external) Expansion of Intel's product line fo offer a complete spectrum of faxmodems, from the SatisFAXtion modems to these new ones. They are low-cost versions. PC Enhancement 
09/20/93 iFX740 FLEXlogic Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Second member of Intel's family of FPGAs. (First was the iFX 780). Designed to provide customizable logic solutions for I/O and memory control functions in high-performance computing and communication systems. FPGA 
10/04/1993386CX(??) Embedded processor based on the Intel386(TM) architecture Applications are diverse -- take the functionality around a desktop-compatible Intel386 core to serve embedded applications Embedded control product 
10/04/199328F010 (1 Mbit) and 28F020 (2-Mbit) flash components Bulk-erase flash components with access times of 65 and 70 seconds, respectively. Previously available with access times as low as 90 seconds. Flash memory 
10/25/93 82750PD video processor Latest member of the family of i750(R) video processors. Supports real-time single-step compression of analog video input from a camcorder, laser kisk or VHS unit to create Indeo(TM) video format files and store them on hard disk. Supports the shared fram Video products 
10/27/93 16-Mbit flash memory component (28F016SA), 32 MB components(DD28F032SA, which is two 16­Mbit chips in a single package) and Series 2+ PCMCIA flash memory cards in 4, 20 and 40 Mbyte capacities. Also a new line of PCMCIA­AT flash drives with storage capaci Flash products targeted at the sub­notebook and handheld computers and communications device market. Flash memory 
11/15/93 Plug and Play Kit for MS-DOS* and Windows*; Plug and Play BIOS Enhancements Kit; and Plug and Play ISA Hardware Demo Kit Plug and Play (new class of PC add-in cards that can be easily inserted into a PC) development kits, created by Intel Architecture Labs to assist system and add-in board developers in making PCs easier to configure Developer Tool 
01/25/94 ProShare(TM) Personal Conferencing product family (ProShare Video System 200) Line of PC-based products that allow people to work together on documents, spreadsheets and other applications and to see each other using video conferencing. Includes Intel ProShare Standard Edition software, ProShare Personal Conferencing Standard Editi Video conferencing product 
03/07/1994DX4??? _33-MHz Intel486? Faster Intel486(TM) processor Microprocessor 
03/07/199490- and 100 MHz Pentium processors Faster versions of the Pentium processor Microprocessor 
04/11/1994NetportExpress(TM) EL print server for Novell(R) Netware(R) environments Joins the NetportExpress XL, Intel's print server for multi-protocol PC, UNIX* and Macintosh* network printing environments Network product 
04/18/94 IntelSX2(TM) OverDrive processor Lower-cost upgrade for Intel486(TM) SX CPU-based systems. Doubles the processor speed of Intel486 SX CPU-based systems and is suited for non-math intensive applications. OverDrive processors 
05/09/1994iFX730 and iFX760 FLEXlogic Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) 730 contains 30 macrocells, 760 has 60. Designed to provide customizable logic solutions for I/O and memory control functions in high-performance computing and communication systems, including telecommunications and data communications applications. FPGA 
09/13/94 RemoteExpress(TM) ISDN LAN adapter products Provide telecommuters access to an office LAN from a home or remote location. Operate over ISDN phone lines. Network product 
09/17/94 Enhanced 286/310 System Enhanced 286 based Xenix and real-time OEM systems with more storage and software Integrated system 
10/10/199475-MHz Pentium(R) processor in TCP (tape carrier package) Power dissipation of 3 watts, power management technology, light-weight packaging. Designed for notebook computers Microprocessor 
10/24/94 28F016XS embedded flash RAM, 28F016XD embedded flash RAM New flash architecture that combines high-speed execution capability of DRAMS with non-volatile, updatable code storage of flash. Both are 16­megabit (2-megabyte) products. XD has a DRAM interface, making it easy for designers to replace redundant DRAMs. Flash memory 
11/14/94 LANDesk(TM) Personal Conferencing Manager Allows a network administrator to control and monitor the number of simultaneous video conferences over a LAN. Lets administrators guarantee the performance of existing network applications while taking advantage of video conferencing Network product 
11/14/94 ProShare Video System 150 Video conferencing system and application sharing product exclusively for LAN networks. Video conferencing product 
01/23/95 First Pentium OverDrive processor DATA MISSING FROM FILE OverDrive processors 
01/31/95 82430FX (AKA "Triton") - a four-component chip set Includes The Triton System Component (TSC), 2 Triton Data Path (TDP) chips, and the PCI ISA/IDE accelerator (PIIX). Chipset for Pentium(R) processors; Brings new levels of performance for multimemdia, video conferencing and other PC applications Chip set 
02/01/199580C196NU 16-bit microcontroller Doubles existing performance of the current highest performaing Intel 16-bit controller (8xC196NP) on the market. Operates at 50 MHz by using clock doubling technology. A drop-in replacement to the 80C196NP controller. Embedded control product 
02/13/95 8xC251SB microcontroller First MCS(R) 251 microcontroller. Binary code- and pin-compatible with MCS 51 microcontrollers. Allows drop-in replacement upgrade to existing MCS 51 controller. Increases performance 5 to 15 times at the same clock speed. Embedded control product 
03/13/95 28F004BV-120 and 28F400-120 SmartVoltage technology Boot Block flash devices Combines Boot Block architecture with Intel's SmartVoltage technology. Enables low-power operation. Flash memory 
03/27/95 8-bit microcontrollers with 512 bytes of RAM???  Microprocessor 
03/27/95 120-MHz Pentium(R) processor For desktops and notebooks Microprocessor 
04/13/95 H.320 enhancement for ProShare Video System 200 Lets users conduct video and audio conferences with multiple users at the same time. Connects with H.320 multipoint bridging systems such as those available from AT&T, Sprint and ITC. Video conferencing product 
05/15/95 LANDesk(R) Virus Protect v3.0 Comprehensive solution for centrally managed enterprise-wide virus protection. Network product 
05/22/95 EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Smart Adapter card First intelligent 10/100Mbps server card; gives users faster access to information across a network. Network Product 
05/22/95 StorageExpress(TM) II System High-bandwidth networking product. A hardware platform that ships standard with a Pentium processor, PCI bus, and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet interface, along with new software release version 1.50 in the XLC, XLD and XLE models.It's a dedicated backup server Network Product 
05/28/95 90-MHz Pentium(R) processor for mobile computers Reference from 6/12/95 announcement of 133-MHz processor Microprocessor 
06/12/1995133-MHz Pentiurm(R) processor Targeted for both high-end desktops and high-performance servers Microprocessor 
06/19/95 i960(R) RP processor A single-chip intelligent I/O subsystem for PC servers in the enterprise computing environment. I/O subsystems based on this processor improve the speed at which users access and manipulate text, graphics, video and audio data from PC servers Microprocessor 
07/05/1995EtherExpress PRO/10 PCI Adapter card. Optimized for Pentium and Intel486TM processor-based systems. It's an Intel Ethernet connection for systems. Network product 
09/01/199582557 Fast Ethernet controller Mentioned in 5/20/16 Web announcement Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/11/199583-MHz Pentirum(R) OverDrive(R) processor upgrade Designed for the IntelDX2(TM) 66-MHz and Intel486(TM) 33-MHz CPU-based systems OverDrive Processor 
09/19/95 100BASE-TX Intel Express stackable hub High-bandwidth network product for Fast Ethernet workgroups. Developed hand-in-hand with Bay Networks. Network product 
10/23/95 120-MHz Pentium(R) processor for mobile computers Others released earlier in 1995: 75­MHz processor and 90-MHz (5/28/95) processor for mobile computers. 3.3 volt, TCP package Microprocessor 
11/01/199582430MX Mobile PCIset PCI chip set increases performance of Pentium(R) processor-based mobile systems to 30 percent. Consists of 4 components: 82437 MX System controller; two 82438 MX Data Path chips, and the 82371MX I/O and IDE Accelerator. Chip set 
11/01/199582450GX and 82450KX PCI Chip Set family for Pentium(R) Pro processors GX is for servers, KX is for workstations and high-performance desktops. The provide first PCI chip set solution for Pentium Pro processors. Each comprised of four components: a PCI bridge, a data path (DP), a data controller (DC), and a memory interface Chip set 
11/01/1995Pentium(R) Pro processor Debuting at 150-, 180-, and 200-MHz speeds. For workstations and servers. 5.5 million transistors Microprocessor 
11/06/1995LANDesk Server Manager Pro Combined hardware and software solution that provides remote control access to critical servers, along with in-card battery backup, multi-NOS parameter monitorig, etc. Results in improved network stability. Supports both Windows NT servers and Novell NetW Network product 
11/06/1995LANDesk Workgroup Manager Software that brings entry-level Windows NT management to a workgroup. Does client remote control, electronic software distribution, workstation diagnostics and server monitoring. Network product 
11/25/95 80186-12 Microprocessor A 12.5 megahertz version of the 16-bit 80186 microprocessor Embedded control product 
12/11/1995Value Series 100 flash memory card product line in 2-, 4- and 8-Mbyte densities Each contains a flash memory array of two, four or eight 28F008SA TSOP memory devices, respectively. Flash memory