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Intel Time Line 1980-1989

Date Product Name Description Product Type 
01/01/19792147H HMOS 11, 35ns, 4K SRAM 
01/01/1980iSBC 250 Bubble memory subsystem, 1 MBit board Bubble Memory 
01/01/1980ICE-88 Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/19808051advanced 8-bit Embedded Control Product 
01/01/198087518051 advanced 8-bit Embedded Control Product 
01/01/1980NDS I network development system Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1980CM-90 (2117) Dynamic board-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980MU-91 (2164) Dynamic board-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980CM-92 (2147) Static board-level standard memory system business sold to Zitel, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1980SY-90 (2117) System-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980SY-91 (2117) System-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980SY-92 (2147) System-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/19805400 (2118) G.E. System-level custom memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980IN-522 (2117) ICL Custom board-level memory system Memory system 
01/01/1980CM-5150 (2164) DG Minicomputer add in/add on Memory system 
01/01/19808087first numeric coprocessor Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/19808272floppy disk controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/1980iSBC 80/24 single board computer with iSBX ™ connectors Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1980iSBX expansion with specification Single-Board Computer 
01/01/19808051 assembler and linkage tools Fundamental software Software 
01/01/1980iRMX ™ 86 real-time multitasking operating system Operating systems Software 
11/01/19802816E2PROM (Electrically Erasable PROM), 16K EEPROM 
01/01/19818203DRAM controller Bipolar logic circuit 
01/01/19813632Bipolar PROM, 32K Bipolar PROM 
01/01/1981iSBC 254 Bubble memory subsystem, 1-4 MBit MULTIBUS board Bubble Memory 
01/01/1981PSCOPE Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/1981ICE-51 Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/19818749high-performance 8-bit with EPROM Embedded Control Product 
01/01/1981276464K EPROM EPROM 
01/01/1981Intellec Series III Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1981iUP 200/201 prom programmer Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1981System 86/3XX OEM system Integrated system 
01/01/1981IN-767 (2167) Singer Custom board-level memory system Memory system 
01/01/1981SBC-090 (2117) DEC Minicomputer add in/add on Memory system 
01/01/1981MU-5750 (2121) DEC Minicomputer add in/add on Memory system 
01/01/1981MU-5780 (2121) DEC Minicomputer add in/add on discontinued, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1981Fast 3815 (16K) Semiconductor disk replacements Memory system 
01/01/198143232-bit operands Microprocessor 
01/01/19818274multi protocol serial controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/19818206error correction Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/19818207DRAM controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/1981iSBC 88/25 8088-based single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1981iSBC 550 Ethernet communication controller Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1981PASCAL 86 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1981FORTRAN 86 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1981iRMX ™ 88 real-time multitasking operating system Operating systems Software 
01/01/198282284clock chip for 89286 Bipolar logic circuit 
01/01/1982iSBC 251 Bubble memory subsystem, 1 MBit MULTIMODULE (TM) board Bubble Memory 
01/01/1982BPK 74 Bubble memory subsystem, 4 MBit Bubble Memory 
01/01/1982EMV-51 Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/19822164A 16-pin, 5V, 64K DRAM 
01/01/19822817E2PROM (Electrically Erasable PROM), 16K EEPROM 
01/01/1982809616-bit microcontroller Embedded Control Product 
01/01/19828061/8361 16-bit kit for Ford Embedded Control Product 
01/01/198227128128K EPROM EPROM 
01/01/19822186/87 64K Integrated RAM (IRAM) 
01/01/1982iPDS ™ personal development system Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1982NDS II network development system Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1982iTPS transaction processing system End-user system Integrated system 
01/01/1982iDIS ™ database information system End-user system Integrated system 
01/01/1982iDBP ™ database processor End-user system Integrated system 
01/01/1982CM-90 (2164) Dynamic board-level standard memory system business sold to Zitel, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1982SY-90 (2164) System-level standard memory system Memory system 
01/01/1982SY-91 (2164) System-level standard memory system business sold to Zitel, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1982SY-91-100 (2164) CSC System-level custom memory system business sold to Zitel, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1982IN-535 (2164) Siemens Custom board-level memory system business sold to Zitel, 1983 Memory system 
01/01/1982Fast 3825 (64K) Semiconductor disk replacements Memory system 
01/01/198280188high-integration 16-bit, 8-bit bus Microprocessor 
01/01/198280186high-integration 16-bit, 16-bit bus Microprocessor 
01/01/198280286 (later known as Intel286 processor) high-performance 16-bit Microprocessor 
01/01/198282586first LAN coprocessor Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198282501bipolar ethernet serial interface Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198282285clock chip for 82586 and 82730 Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198282288bus controller for 80826 Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198280130iRMX ™ 86 kernal in silicon Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198280150CP/M* in silicon *CP/M is a trademark of Digital Research, Inc. Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198280287numeric coprocessor Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198229212921 ROM signal processor Signal Processing Product 
01/01/1982iSBC 570/576/577 Speech transaction family Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1982PL/M 286 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1982PL/M 51 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1982program management tools Fundamental software Software 
01/01/198280282/287 assembler and linkage tools Fundamental software Software 
01/01/1982INDX operationg system Operating systems Software 
01/01/1982XENIX * 86 operating system *XENIX is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Operating systems Software 
01/01/19822914combination codec/filter Telephony Product 
01/01/1983BPK 70-5 Bubble memory subsystem, 1 MBit Bubble Memory 
01/01/1983I2ICE ™ Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/19832817A E2PROM (Electrically Erasable PROM), 5V 16K EEPROM 
01/01/198380C51 CHMOS version of 8051 Embedded Control Product 
01/01/198380C49 CHMOS version of 8049 Embedded Control Product 
01/01/198380528051 with twice as much RAM/ROM Embedded Control Product 
01/01/198327256256K EPROM EPROM 
01/01/1983Production EPROMS Plastic packages EPROM 
01/01/1983ISIS cluster Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1983Intellec Series IV Development systems Integrated System 
01/01/1983Sysstem 286/3XX OEM system Integrated system 
01/01/19832004NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM), 5V 4K NVRAM 
01/01/198382730graphics display controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/19838044/8744 RUPI ™ Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198382730display coprocessor Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198382731bipolar video interface controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/1983iSBC 286/10 80286-based single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1983MULTIBUS II specification single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1983iSBC 186/51 COMMputer ™ single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1983C 86 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1983PASCAL 286 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1983AEDIT Fundamental software Software 
01/01/19838096 assembler and linkage tools Fundamental software Software 
01/01/1983XENIX 286 operating syst4em Operating systems Software 
01/01/19832148B HMOS 111, 35ns, 4K SRAM 
01/01/1984BCK 10-1/-4 Bubble cassette kit Bubble Memory 
01/01/1984SBE 96 Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/1984PSCOPE/iRMX86 Development debug support Developer Tool 
01/01/198451C64/51C65 CHMOS, 64K DRAM 
01/01/198451C256 CHMOS, 256 K DRAM 
01/01/198487C64 Latched version, CHMOS, 64K EPROM 
01/01/198451C86/87 64K CHMOS Integrated RAM (IRAM) 
01/01/19842001NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM), 5V, multiplexed 1K NVRAM 
01/01/19848256AH MUART Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/19848208DRAM controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198482258ADMA controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198482289bus arbiter Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198482062Winchester disk drive controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/198482588single-chip LAN controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
01/01/1984BITBUS ™ distributed control modules single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1984MULTIBUS II silicon single board computer Single-Board Computer 
01/01/1984PL/M 96 High-Level languages Software 
01/01/1984iRMX 51 operating system Operating systems Software 
01/01/1984iRMX 86 operating system, release 6 Operating systems Software 
01/01/198429C51 CHMOS advanced telecommunications controller Telephony Product 
01/01/19842952integrated I/O controller Telephony Product 
01/01/19842970single-chip modem Telephony Product 
01/11/198482C03 CHMOS DRAM Controller Controls and refreshes arrays of 64K DRAMs in systems and on memory expansion boards Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/16/84 iSBC(R) 570 speech board; 8SBC 577 chip set Speech transaction products for OEM system builders Speech Products 
01/23/84 iWORD; iPLAN; iMENU Word processor, electronic spreadsheet and program for developing screen menu-driven applications, respectively for Xenix*-based systems for OEMs (Xenix is Microsoft trademark) Software 
04/16/84 51C64, 51C65 CHMOS 64K DRAMs First CHMOS DRAMs. 51C64 is "Ripplemode" (TM) and 51C65 is "static column mode" (methods of gaining access to data DRAM 
06/18/84 51C256H; 51C256L; 51C256HL CHMOS DRAMs 51C256H: Optimized for high-performance, high bandwidth apps; 51C256L is for low-power applications; 51C256HL combines low power and high performance attributes DRAM 
06/25/84 M2817A Military qualified 16k EEPROM EEPROM 
06/29/84 iRMX PSCOPE 86 High level language debugger for the iRMX-86 real time operating system Software 
07/17/84 27512, 27513 EPROMs Both are 512k EPROMs. The 27513 has an innovative page-addressing scheme EPROM 
08/13/84 iRMX-NDS-II Link Software utility package that acts as an interface between Intel iRMX 86 systems and the NDS-II network development system Software 
09/06/19848052AH-BASIC Software-on-silicon version of the 8052 microcontroller with a BASIC interpreter on-chip in 8K ROM Embedded control product 
10/03/1984iDIS 715 System Database information system for the 80286 microprocessor Software 
11/28/84 iSBC 188/48 Single board communications computer Single-board computer 
12/13/84 82588 LAN controller Single-chip VLSI LAN controller for low-cost networks; allows cost-effective connection to a corporate network Network product 
01/01/1985iPSC/1 Intel's first parallel superomputer, also known as "The Cosmic Cube."Scalable to 128 nodes; peak performance of 3.2 MFLOPS. Each node had an Intel 80286 microprocessor, 80287 math coprocessor and local memory Supercomputer products 
02/04/198551C259 DRAM CHMOS static-column 64Kx4 DRAM; 256K; designed for low-power uses. DRAM 
02/05/1985First Multibus II products: iSBC 286/100 single-board computer; four cache-based memory boards (iSBC MEM/312, 310, 320 and 340); iSBC CSM/001 Central Services Module, which places a number of basic system-management functions on one board; Multiibus II v 13 products based on the Multibus II bus architecture. Used for the design of Multibus II systems. (Multibus II is an advanced open systems bus, designed for systems with distributed architecture and multiprocessing). Single-board computer 
02/11/1985IPSC/d5 (32 nodes and 16 megabytes of memory); iPSC/d6 (64 nodes and 32 megabytes of memory); iPSC/d7 (128 nodes and 64 megabytes of memory). Family of concurrent (parallel processing) computer systems for supercomputing power; based on "hypercube" structure developed at Caltech. Supercomputer products 
03/21/85 27C64 EPROM Intel's first CHMOS EPROM. Introduced with 80C86 and 80C88 CPUs to help for complete family of CHMOS products based on 16-bit architecture EPROM 
03/21/85 80C86 & 80C88 microprocessors Complete family of CHMOS products based on 16-bit architecture Microprocessor 
03/21/85 82C84A clock; 82C88 bus controller; 82C59A interrupt controller; 82C54 timer/counter; 82C55A peripheral interface; 82C08 DRAM controller Introduced with 80C86 and 80C88 CPUs to help for complete family of CHMOS products based on 16-bit architecture Peripherals and coprocessors 
05/17/85 M8097 16-bit microcontroller For the military marketplace for high-speed math and control applications; it's a version of the 8096 Embedded control product 
05/17/85 M80186 16-bit microprocessor Highly integrated microprocessor for the military marketplace. Microprocessor 
06/12/1985TargetSCOPE 186 High level language debugging tool for programs running on 80186 and 80188 systems Software 
06/24/85 iRMX 286 Operating System Operating System for the 80286 microprocessor Software 
07/18/85 M27128A-15 EPROM, M27256-17 EPROM, M27512-25 EPROM High speed military EPROMs EPROM 
07/23/85 51C66 static RAM, 51C67 static RAM High speed CHMOS 16k static RAMs SRAM 
07/26/85 82C08 DRAM Controller First CMOS DRAM controller Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/09/1985iSXM 554 MAP COMMengine board Allows OEM to link factory equipment via networks. MULTIBUS I architecture Single-board computer 
10/17/85 iSBC 386/20 CPU board (MULTIBUS I); iSBC 386/100 CPU board (MULTIBUS II); Starter Kits for MULTIBUS I & II Systems First board level products to use 386 microprocessor Single-board computer 
10/17/85 80386 PL/M and C compilers High level language compilers, system utilities, software management tools and assembler Software 
10/18/85 AEDIT-DOS Source code editor for PC DOS 3.0 computers and Intellec Series III and IV development systems Software 
10/23/85 iRCB 44/20 Bitbus controller module I/O controller subsystem for factory automation, data acquisition and process control applications Single-board computer 
11/06/1985N27C64 64K EPROM, N87C64 64K EPROM (address-latched), N27128A 128K EPROM, N27C256 256K EPROM CHMOS and HMOS EPROMS in PLCC Packages EPROM 
11/07/1985VLSiCE-96P emulator In-circuit emulator for the 8096 microcontrollers Developer Tool 
11/08/1985Intel Programmable Logic Development System (iPLDS) System for programming and testing erasable programmable logic devices (EPLDs) Developer Tool 
11/08/19855C121 EPLD, 5C060 EPLD User programable logic devices built using EPROM technology (Intel's first EPLDs) EPLD 
11/11/1985Above Board PS Expanded memory board for IBM PC, XT, and compatibles. Has I/O capabilities PC enhancement 
11/14/85 PC-Bubble Card Hardware card for 4 Mbit bubble memory components. Used by systems designers to build prototype evaluation system for applications with harsh environments Bubble Memory 
11/22/85 MQ80186 Military ceramic quad package version of Intel's M80186 military 16-bit microprocessor Embedded control product 
01/01/198682786Graphics coprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/22/86 8096BH microcontroller; 8796BH (EPROM version) of same Industry's first 16-bit microcontroller with an 8- or 16-bit programmable bus width. Eases upgrade path from 8- to 16-bit designs by allowing external data bus to be programmed as 8 bits, 16 bits or both. Embedded control product 
01/27/86 51C69-25; 51C68-30 CHMOS static RAMs 25- and 30-nanosecond maximum address access times, respectively SRAM 
02/01/1986Three 1-megabit EPROMs:27010 (32-pin); 27011 (28-pin, page-addressed); 27210 (40­pin) One-megabit EPROMs EPROM 
02/19/86 DOS PSCOPE High-level language symbolic debugger for IBM PC XT, PCAT and selected compatibles running DOS 3.0 or later Developer Tool 
02/24/86 OpenNET(TM) Network Resource Manager (NRM), VAX Link R2.1; OpenNET PC Link; Compilengine Group of products that link host computer systems into LANs in the microprocessor development lab Developer Tool 
03/17/86 PL/M 51 high-level language and ASM 51 assembler Languages for developing software for 8051 family of microcontrollers. Run on IBM PC AT, XT and compatibles Software 
03/27/86 PSCOPE-Monitor 386 (P-MON386ES) Debugging system software for the 80386 Software 
04/01/1986iUP GUPI (Generic Universal Programmer Interface) Allows designers to program EPROMs, EPLDs and programmable microcontrollers Developer Tool 
04/08/1986iSTATE state machine software Allows systems hardware designers using EPLDs to develop a state mcahine design and enter it into the Intel Programmable Logic Development System (iPLDS) Developer Tool 
04/08/19865C180 (1800-gate); 5C090 (900-gate) EPLDs; 5C031 (35-nanosecond) and 5C032 (25­nanosecond) 300-gate EPLDs; Erasable, programmable logic devices EPLD 
04/14/86 iPSC-VX/d4, iPSC-VX/db and iPSC-VX/d6 vector concurrent supercomputers d4: 16 node; d5: 32-node; d6: 64-node Supercomputer products 
04/21/86 MPC (Message Passing Coprocessor) Single-chip bus interface component that improves processor use and data transfer efficiency in systems based on Multibus II bus architecture Peripherals and coprocessors 
05/08/1986iPAT(TM) Performance Analysis Tool Allows software developers to monitor performance of software for PC AT, PC XT and Intel development systems Developer Tool 
05/27/86 87C51 and 8752 microcontrollers 87C51 is a microcontroller with 4KEPROM made in CHMOS. 8752 has 8K EPROM. Embedded control product 
06/30/86 ICE-5100/252 Emulator for 8051 family of microcontrollers Developer Tool 
07/31/86 FASTPATH 9750 Hardware and software systems that acts as high-speed interface between IBM and plug-compatible manufacturers' mainframe computers and Intel MULTIBUS-based OEM applications. Network product 
07/31/86 Release 7.0 of iRMX 86 real-time operating system Upgraded version of the iRMX operating system originally introduced in 1980. (iRMX is frequently used in industrial control, real-time data acquisition and contro, process control, and in financial workstation applications) Software 
08/04/1986iSBC 548 terminal controller based on 80186 microprocessor; iSBC 188/56 Advanced Communicating Computer (an upgrade to the iSBC 188/48 board) Multibus architecture single-board computers Single-board computer 
10/02/1986iSBC 221 Peripheral Controller Board For use in computer systems based on Multibus architecture. Designed for OEMs in systems where disk data transfer is critical to overall system performance. Single-board computer 
10/02/1986iSBC 286/21-; iSBC 286/22-; iSBC 286/24-; iSBC 286/28 Single-Board computers, which utilize a 10 MHz 80286 microprocessor and offer 1-, 2-, 4- and 8 megabytes (M bytes) of memory, respectively. Also, the iSBC 286/14-and the iSBC 286/16 single board computers iSBCs with higher memory densities and extensive use of surface-mount technology, which permits more memory in less space. Single-board computer 
10/02/1986iSBC 386/21-l iSBC 386/22j0; iSBC 386/24-; and iSBC 386/28- single-board computers which offer 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-megabytes of 32­bit memory respectively Single-board computers all based on the 16 MHz 80386 32-bit microprocessor. All increase the performance levels of the Multibus architecture Single-board computer 
10/07/1986VAX/VMS OpenNet; also 80386 languages including C, ASM macroassembler and RLL (relocation and linkers); also C, PL/M, Pascal, Fortran and ASM/RLL (assembler/relocation and linkers) for the 8086; also C, P>.M and ASM/RLL for the 80286 and 80386 languages VAX/VMS OpenNet: Local Area Network for connecting DEC VAX/VMS to personal computers, iRMX and XENIX systems. It is a high-speed Ethernet connection between a VAX or MicroVAX II and the OpenNET development environment. The OpenNet development environment Network product 
10/14/86 M80386 Militarv version of the 32-bit 80386 microprocessor Microprocessor 
10/14/86 iPCX 344 board Interface that allows an IBM PC or compatible to control a BITBUS distributed control architecture network. Single-board computer 
10/16/86 System 310AP Model 344 Fully integrated base system for BITBUS distributed control applications. For users who need complete systems for applications software development or application installation. Integrated system 
11/06/1986C 386 Compiler and RLL 386 Relocation, Linkage and Library Tools package First 80386 development tools for PC hosts. Designed to help professional programmers speed development of both embedded and on-target 80386 application softare. Software 
12/10/1986FASTPATH Ethernet LAN enhancement Enhancement to the FASTPATH 9750 connectivity platform that brings all IBM Corp. 30xx and 43xx compatible mainframes onto an Ethernet network. Network product 
01/05/1987ICE(TM)-286 and ICE-186 In-circuit emulators for the 80286 and the 80C186 (CHMOS version of the 80186) microprocessors Developer Tool 
01/09/1987ICE-386 emulator In-circuit emulator for the 80386 microprocessor. Provides hardware and software integration and debugging capabilities to shorten 80386 application development cycles Developer Tool 
01/13/87 89024 modem devices , which consists of an 89026 application-specific processor and an 89027 analog front-end interface. Two-chip 2400 BPS modem Microcommunica tions 
01/13/87 82050 Asynchronous Communications Controller Low-cost Uart (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) device optimized for PC modem applications Peripherals and coprocessors 
01/19/87 OpenNET MultiSERVER Department Service Network Completely integrated departmental network system, with services for integrating PCs into corporate computing environments Network Product 
01/21/87 ICE-5100-452 in-circuit emulator for the UPI­452 Universal Peripheral Interface component (UPI-452 is an Intel component designed to increase application performance and reliability by relieving input/output bottlenecks and reducing component count.) The ICE-5100/452 emulator provides debug capabilities, allows designers to emulate timing, etc Developer Tool 
02/01/198782380 integrated system peripheral 32-bit device that combines direct memory access (DMA) control and major processor support functions to increase the performance of 80386 microprocessor-based computers Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/16/87 80386-20 (20 MHz version of 80386); Faster 80386 plus three supporting peripherals Microprocessor 
02/16/87 82380 integrated system peripheral for direct memory access(DMA); 82385 cache memory controller; 80387 numerics coprocessor. Supporting peripherals for 20-MHz version of 80386 Peripherals and coprocessors 
03/10/1987PLCC 80286 80286 in plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC packaging Microprocessor 
03/20/87 C-96 compiler C compiler for 8096 family of microcontrollers. Software 
03/25/87 27C128 CHMOS 128-kilobit EPROM for low-power high performance CHMOS microprocessor and microcontroller­based systems EPROM 
03/26/87 M27011 (28-pin); M27210 (40-pin) Military versions of one-megabit EPROMs EPROM 
04/08/1987SugarCube(TM) concurrent computers: SugarCube/d3 (standard system w/8 processing nodes for concurrent computing research); SugarCube-MX/d2 (4-node extended memory version); SugarCube-VX/d2 (with four high-performance vector nodes; Low-priced, entry-level member of iPAS family of concurrent computers. Supercomputer products 
04/16/87 MAP network development starter kits Kits that simplify application development and testing on a broadband Manufacturing Automation Protocal (MAP) local area network Developer Tool 
05/04/1987P8742AH Plastic member of Intel's UPI(TM)42 Universal Peripheral Interface family of 8-bit slave microcontrollers. (8749 microcontroller core w/2k bytes of EPROM, 256 bytes of RAM, O/O pins and an 8-bit timer/counter housed in a windowless OTP(TM) one-time programmable package Embedded control product 
06/01/1987M51C98 VHSIC-qualified version of a 64K-bit CHMOS SRAM SRAM 
06/12/198710 MHz 80186 and 80286 I2ICE individual probes and systems that incorporate them Combines high-level language software debugging and performance analysis in a system to improve productivity in the development and integration of complex microprocessor systems. Developer Tool 
06/12/1987 10 MHz I2ICE 80186 and 80286 systems and 10 MHz I2ICE emulation probes for both 80186 and 80286 Emulation probes for 80186 and 80286 that run on the systems (integrated instrument and in-circuit emulators --debugging tools that comgine in-circuit emulation, high-level language software debugging and performance analysis) Developer Tool 
06/25/87 iSWS 210 Second-generation factory speech workstation that provides hands-free, eyes-free voice data entry in a variety of real-time industrial and laboratory applications - could recognize 1,000 words Speech Products 
07/06/1987ICE(TM)-5100/044 In-circuit emulator for 8044 (RUPI(TM) peripheral) and BITBUS(TM) applications Developer Tool 
07/06/198782716Graphics Display Controller Peripherals and Coprocessors 
07/07/198787C257 and 68C257 Both aare latched EPROMs that allow memory's addddress and data pins to be tied directly to a microcontroller's address and data pins. 87C257 provides interface to 8- and 16-bit microcontroller. 68C257 contains special circuitry that allows it to fit spec EPROM 
07/09/1987Model I and Model II MULTIBUS II MDP (Modules Development Platform) Integrated systems for board designers developing iRMX(R) real-time operating system software and test boards for the MULTIBUS II architecture. Model I has one CPU board, model II has two. Developer Tool 
07/09/1987PC Link2 Low-cost version of Intel's high-performance Ethernet Local Area Network controller card for the PC bus Network product 
07/09/1987iSBC(R) 386/31, 386/32, 386/34 and 386/38 Multibus I boards; iSBC 386/120M01, M02, M04 and M08 Multibus II boards. iSBC 386/116M01, M02, M04 and M08 First four products are 20-MHz versions of 32-bit 80386 Multibus I boards; Second four are 20-MHz versions of 32-bit 80386 Multibus II boards; Last four products are renamed 16-MHz boards previously introduced as iSBC 386/100PPO1, PP02, PP04 and PP08. Single-board computer 
07/09/1987DCS 110 Bitware and DCS 120 Programmer's Support Package Software for BITBUS(TM) interconnect product line Software 
07/09/1987iRMK(TM) real-time multitasking kernal for 80386 processor Member of Intel's iRMX(R) family of real-time operating systems for Intel microprocessor architectures Software 
07/09/1987Release 2.0 of iRMX(R) Networking Software Supports iRMX 86 real-time operating system Release 7, iRMX 286 real-time operating system Release 2 and iNA 960 transport software 
07/09/1987iRMX(R) 286 Release 2 operating system Includes support for the 386 processor and 387 numerics coprocessor and other new features Software 
07/10/1987System 320 First 80386-based microcomputer system Integrated system 
07/20/87 83C152 Universal Communication Controller -CHMOS data communications embedded controller incorporating 8051 instruction set and hard-wired communication protocals Embedded control product 
08/01/1987iPSC/2(TM) family of concurrent supercomputers Second-generation hypercube concurrent computer; based on 80386 and 80387 Supercomputer products 
08/17/87 80C186 CHMOS version of 80186 integrated microprocessor for embedded control applications. (12.5 MHz version) Embedded control product 
08/18/87 ASM-386 macroassembler Designed for professional software engineers developing real-time and embedded applications while working in PC DOS Software 
08/19/87 Above Board Expanded Memory Manager Version 4.0 (EMM 4.0) software Memory board device driver to become standard part of all Above Board products. Software 
08/31/87 iPAT-285 and iPAT-86/88 Performance Analysis tools Software analysis tools at can be run on IBM PC AT and XT, respectively. Allows software developers to monitor the execution ot real or protected mode software in realtime. Developer Tool 
08/31/87 iPAT(TM)-286 and iPAT-81/18 80286 and 8086/88 real-time software analysis tools for the PC AT and PC XT; PAT stands for Performance Analysis Tool Software 
09/17/87 5AC312 CMOS erasable programmable Logic device (EPLD) CHMOS EPLD that combines 25­nanoseconds tpd (total propagation delay) with other architectural features in a 24-pin logic device EPLD 
09/17/87 5AC312 CMOS erasable programmable logic device (EPLD) that combines 25 nanoseconds tpd (total propagation delay) with architectural features previously unavailable in a 24-pin logic device EPLD 
09/29/87 8238532-bit, 20-MHz cache controller for 80386 microprocessor-based computers Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/01/198780C196KA 12-MHz CHMOS 16-bit microcontroller for real-time control in computer peripherals, automotive and industrial automation applications Embedded control product 
10/06/1987iSBC(R) 86C/38 Low-power CPU board for harsh environmental conditions Single-board computer 
10/15/87 M82553 Protocal Management Unit (PMU) Military application-specitic standard Product (ASSP) to support full MIL­STD 1553B bus interface protocal Peripherals and coprocessors 
11/02/1987Above Board 2 Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (LIM EMS) 4.0 board, OS/2 compatible; provides up to 2Mb of expanded and OS/2 memory in a single slot for IBM PS/2 Models 50 and 60 PC enhancement 
11/02/198782786 drivers for X-Windows binary software drivers to produce X-Windows for graphics controllers, based on the 82786 graphics coprocessor and optimized for UNIX* System V/386, Release 3.0 environments Software 
12/08/198780988-bit external bus version of 16-bit 8098 for real-time 8-bit control applications Embedded control product 
02/26/88 Intel iC-86 R4.0 Compiler ANSI standard C compiler used to develop embedded code in microprocessors Software 
02/29/88 82526 high-speed in-vehicle serial communications device IC that manages serial communications within automobiles and other vehicles. Inplements the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocal proposed by Intel and Robert Bosch GmbH Peripherals and coprocessors 
03/21/88 Intel iRCS 900 Isolation Module Provides electrical isolation and transient protection fo BITBUS(TM) networks. Network product 
03/21/88 BITBUS Starter Kit Kit that allows first-time BITBUS(TM) network users to construct and operate a simple BITBUS network in less than two hours Network Product 
03/21/88 iRCS 900 Isolation Module Provides electrical isolation and transient protection for BITBUS(TM) networks Network Product 
03/21/88 iSBC 322 memory module and iSBC 324 memory module Customer-installable memory modules that allow users of Intel iSBC 286-1X Multibus I processor boards to upgrade their system memory. iSBC 322 allows upgrade of an iSBC 286/12 board to an iSBC 286/14 board; iSBC 324 allows the upgrade of iSBC 286/12 Single-board computer 
03/21/88 iSBC 322 and 8SBC 324 memory modules Allow users of iSBC(R) 286/1X MULTIBUS(R) processor boards to upgrade their system memory Single-board computer 
03/21/88 iRMX/NET Virtual Terminal Software that allows iRMX(R)-NET users to access all the available resources of a remote system on an OpenNET(TM) network Software 
03/21/88 MULTIBUS I X.25 software routines Communications protocols that support the interconnection of MULTIBUS I architecture systems to X.25 packet switch communications networks. Allow connection of similar and dissimilar computer types that support the X.25 communications convention Software 
03/21/88 Release 3 (iRMX II.3) of iRMX(R) II (formerly called iRMX 286) real-time operating system Includes full support for the MULTIBUS II architecture, additional CPU boards and other hardware Software 
03/21/88 iRMX Source Control System Software system for managing development of iRMX operating system applications on iRMX systems. Software 
03/21/88 iRMX-NET Virtual Terminal Software that allows iRMX(R)-NET users to access all available resources of a remote system on an Open-NET(TM) network Software 
03/21/88 MULTIBUS I X.25 software routines Communications protocals that support interconnection of MULTIBUS I architecture systems to X.25 packet switch communications networks Software 
03/21/88 Release 3 - iRMX II.3 Release 3 of iRMX(R) II (formerly called iRMX 286) Software 
03/21/88 iRMX Source Control System Software system for use in managing the development if iRMX(R) operating system applications on iRMX systems Software 
04/04/198825 MHz Intel386(TM) processor Limited shipments announcement of 25-MHz product. Official announcement w/OEMs incorporating chip in 6/88; 32-bit processor Microprocessor 
04/04/198880386 numeric coprocessor; 82380 high-integration Direct Memory Access peripheral; 82385 cache controller Peripherals for the 25-MHz Intel386(TM) processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
04/05/198816 new VLSI products and development tools for embedded control applications. Includes the 80960 32-bit microprocessor architecture and processor derivatives: the 80960KA, 80960KB (for numerics processing, robotics and high-speed, wide-area networks 80960 is first 32-bit microprocessor architecture designed specificallyfor embedded control applications Embedded Control product 
04/18/88 System 302 AT-bus platform powered by 25-MHz 386 pprocessor for OEMs. Integrated System 
04/21/88 Limited quantities of 82310 family of peripheral components; includes 82306 local channel support chip, 82307 direct memory access chip; 82308 Micro Channel bus controller; 82309 address bus controller; and 82706 video graphics array. Peripheral control components for Micro Channel*-compatible computers. Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/16/88 ICE(TM)-386SX in-circuit emulator Debug support for the Intel386(TM) processor Developer Tool 
06/16/88 386SX(TM) microprocessor 32-bit microprocessor with a 16-bit external data bus; brings performance of Intel386(TM) 32-bit software to mid­range computers Microprocessor 
06/16/88 80387SX numerics coprocessor; 82706 Video Graphics Array (VGA) controller Peripherals for the 386SX(TM) microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
06/23/88 System 120 family Family of low-cost, single-processor OEM computer systems based on the iRMX(R) II real-time operating system. Designed for use in real-time applications that can use a 386(TM) microprocessor-based, AT-bus hardware platform. Integrated system 
07/18/88 82590 (8-bit) and 82592 (16-bit) CHMOS LAN controller components Designed to implement low-cost LANs in personal computers. Make it possible to fit a complete LAN intervace solution on a motherboard Network product 
07/25/88 ICEVIEW(TM) graphical user interface for the I2ICE(TM) in-circuit emulator Features pull-down menus, display windows and command line prompts. Included with all standard I2ICE (Intel Integrated Instrumentation and In-Circuit Emulation) system kits at no additional charge Developer Tool 
08/08/1988WILDCARD-88(TM) computing module A complete PC XT motherboard equivalent on a 2x4-inch printed circuit board. Used to add in-system IBM PC XT* and DOX functionalityto products that use embedded control electronics, such as industrial control systems, consumer electronics and diagnostic e Motherboard 
08/08/1988WILDCARD-88(TM) DOS module Adds DOS functionality to products that use embedded control electronics, including industrial control systems, consumer electronics and diagnostic equipment. It's a complete PC XT motherboard equivalent on a printed circuit board. Allows PC XT functional Motherboard 
08/08/198887C75PF Port Expander Microcontroller peripheral that incorporates 2 microcontroller I/O ports, a variety of interface and logic circuitry and non-volatile memory. Peripherals and coprocessors 
08/21/88 iKGM-100 Tepache secure communications module To be used by gov't. suppliers wanting to add medium-speed encryption and decryption capabilties to their secure communications (COMSEC) products. Endorsed by the National Security Agency Software 
09/13/88 82350 chip set, which is comprised of a 32-bit direct memory access (DMA) controller; a high-integration bus controller optimized for the Intel386(TM) family; and an advanced bus master adapter that supports input/output capabilities and maintains backwar First peripheral chip set to support the Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA), a 32-bit architecture that is 100 percent compatible with the industry's de facto standard 16-bit bus, the IBM PC/AT*-compatible architecture Peripherals and coprocessors 
09/20/88 System 520 Real-time MULTIBUS II system that incorporates the MULTIBUS II Systems Architecture (MSA). Helps OEMS bring MULTIBUS II systems to market Developer Tool 
09/20/88 ICE(TM)-188 in-circuit emulator Used to develop and debug embedded design applications for the 12.5 MHz 80C188 microprocessor Developer Tool 
09/20/88 SYP341 19-inch, rack mountable, 16-slot MULTIBUS I card cage; accepts up to 7 extended 10- by 12-inch I/O boards for out-of-box connection Integrated system 
09/20/88 SYP342 19-inch, rack mountable peripheral module. Houses up to six, half-height industry-standard 5-1/4-inch peripherals Integrated system 
09/20/88 iSBX(TM) 279 Graphics and windowing subsystem designed to provide advanced capabilities to real-time microcomputer systems. Can be used with boards and systems running Intel's iRMX(R) II real-time operating system. Uses the Intel 82786 display processor Single-board computer 
09/20/88 iSBC(R) 386/12 boards (come in different speeds and w/different memory configurations) CPU boards with improved I/O, expanded memory addressing/parallel operations; secong-generation series of 386(TM) processor-based 32-bit boards for the MULTIBUS I architecture Single-board computer 
09/20/88 iSBC(R) 549 I/O board Suppoorts iRMX(R) I and II real-time operatiang systems, as well as UNIX* and XENIX*. Provide OEMS flexibility in supplying or upgrading MULTIBUS I designs Single-board computer 
09/20/88 iSBC 429 Universal site memory expansion board; CMOS implementation. Offers 8 times the memory capabcity of the iSBC 428 board and support for 32-pin packages. Single-board computer 
09/20/88 iSBC(R) 386/258 High-performance peripheral controller that provides OEMs with minicomputer-level I/O performance. Has a 16-MHz 80386(TM) processor and a large cache (1 or 4 Mbytes) Single-board computer 
09/20/88 Release 3 of OpenNET(TM) networking products. Improves connectivity across multiple systems architectures, giving users common networking interfaces that can be used with a variety of operating system software Software 
09/20/88 UNIX* version ASM-960 assembler and UNIX version iC-960 compiler Adds an 80960 microprocessor UNIX development environment to the MS­DOS*, VAX* and MicroVAX* operating systems already available for software developers of 80960 microprocessor embedded applications. Software 
10/11/1988CHMOS-III* 80C287A Numerics coprocessor; consumes 70 percent less power than the NMOS 80287; brings floating-point performance to laptops Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/26/88 CHMOS-III 80C187 High-performance numeric coprocessor designed for the 80C186 16-bit embedded processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/26/88 80C187 numeric coprocessor CHMOS-III(TM) high-performance numeric coprocessor designed for the 80C186 16-bit embedded processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
11/04/198882077 floppy disk controller (FDC) Industry's first FDC to integrate all system-level functions on a single chip. Supports 3.5-inch floppy disk drives up to 4-Mbytes. Peripherals and coprocessors 
11/06/198828F256 flash memory component ETOX(TM) (EPROM tunnel oxide) flash memory -- high-endurance version. Fills functionality gap between EEPROMs and EPROMs. Can be reliably erased and reprogrammed 50,000times. Flash memory 
11/08/1988Concurrent I/O (Input/Output) facility and Concurrent File System for IPSC/2 concurrent supercomputer Concurrent I/O facility suppoorts mass storage options up to 40 Gigabytes disk capacity. Concurrent File System makes highly parallel mass storage easy to use. Supercomputer products 
11/14/88 82311 chipset, which consists of: 82303/304 local channel support for I/O peripherals; 82307 DMA controller; 82308 bus controller; 82309 address bus controller; 82077 floppy disk controller; 82706 IBM-compatible video graphics array (VGA) controller; Micro Channel* architecture (MCA)-compatible. Implements an Intel386(TM)-based MCA system in 98 chips, nearly 50 devices less than early MCA-compatible chip sets. Chip Set 
11/14/88 ICE(TM)-386/25 in-circuit emulator In-circuit emulator for the 25-MHz Intel386(TM) microprocessor Developer Tool 
11/30/88 27C202 and 27C203 EPROMs Both are high-speed 256-kilobit CHMOS EPROMs featuring specialized processor bus interfaces manufactured using one-micron CHMOS III-E processor. 27C03 has a pipelined bus interface. Both are for 32­bit processors (376, 386, 386SX). EPROM 
12/05/198889C024XE intelligent modem chipset Industry's first high-performance 2400 bits-per-second (bps) modem chip set with MNP* (Microcom Networking Protocol) Class 5. MNP is a registered trademark of Microcom. Consists of a 16-bit application-specific microcontroller and more Chip Set 
12/05/1988M80C186 microprocessor Military version of the 16-bit CHMOS 80186 microprocessor. Microprocessor 
12/05/1988M386(TM) math coprocessor and M82380 peripheral chip M386 is a military math coprocessor for the M386 (military 386) processor; M82380 integrates a variety of peripheral functions, including a 32-bit direct memory access (DM), a 20­source interrupt controller and 4 16-bit programmable interval timers. It is Peripherals and coprocessors 
12/12/1988Multibus II PC Subsystem Consists of a 16-MHz 386 processor-based CPU board; a peripheral companion board containing a hard disk controller, VGA graphics controller and built-in Multibus central services module functionality; an adapter board that allows users to add standard hal Integrated system 
01/16/89 ICE(TM)-376 Incircuit eumlator for 32-bit 376(TM) embedded processor Developer Tool 
01/16/89 376(TM) embedded processor 32-bit embedded processor. It's a high-performance 386(TM) microprocessor derivative. Embedded control product 
01/25/89 20-MHz version of i386(TM) SX processor SX version has a 16-bit external bus, but is a low-cost version of i386 processor. Microprocessor 
01/25/89 82340 SX PC AT chip set, 82385 SX cache controller, 387(TM) SX math coprocessor, 82596 SX LAN coprocessor Peripherals for 20-MHz i386(TM) SX processor Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/03/19895AC324 24-macrocell CHMOS* erasable programmable logic device (EPLD) that provides 50-MHz pipelined performance in microprocessor- and microcontroller-based systems. EPLD 
02/09/198980386 Software Development Package 80386 native mode software debugger. Software 
02/13/89 UCS51 library: A 1.5-micron CHMOS* Cell Library Cell library and development tool suite for the 80C51-based ASIC product line. Application-specific circuit 
02/27/89 IDK29C53 Highly integrated, self-contained kit for developing and demonstrating ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) applications. Includes 2 ISDN communications boards, software, cables, handsets and documentation. IBM PC/XTs* and PC/ATs are converted into Microcommunica tions 
02/27/89 29C53AA (upgraded version of Intel's industry-standard 29C53) An enhanced Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) "S" transceiver with newly added support for "Q" and "S" channel standards. Microcommunica tions 
02/27/89 i860(TM) microprocessor First 64-bit microprocessor that integrates on a single chip computing capabilities typically associated with supercomputing systems and 3-D graphics workstations. First commercially available microprocessor to contain more than 1 million transistors. Microprocessor 
02/27/89 82560 and 82561 host interface controllers Host interface controllers for Ethernet LAN adapter cards. They are companion chips to the 82592 LAN controller and 82C501 Ehternet serial interface chips. Peripherals and coprocessors 
02/28/89 System V/386 UNIX product family. Includes System V/386, a complete OEM UNIX operating system for Multibus II systems; System V/oOenNET, a complete networking product; and UNIX System 520, a Multibus II multiprocessor system based on the 386 microprocessor Family of UNIX* procuts dsupporting 386(TM) microprocessor-based Multibus(R) II architecture boards and systems. Developer Tool 
03/08/198985C508 7.5NS CMOS Programmable Logic Device Programmable address decoder with an on-board latch; a CHMOS IIIE processor product. Especially for 386(TM) and 386SX systems. PLD 
03/27/89 28F010 (1-megabit) and 28F512 (512-kilobit) CHMOS* flash memories Both built one one-micron ETOX(TM)-II (EPROM tunnel oxide) technology Flash memory 
04/01/1989387DX(TM) math coprocessor; 82385 cache controller; the 82350 Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA) chip set; the 82320 Micro C Peripherals for the 33-MHz 386DX(TM) microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
04/10/198933-MHz 386DX(TM) microprocessor Faster 386 family of products. Microprocessor 
04/10/198925-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor i486 produced on one-micron CHMOS* IV process; second Intel MPU to break the one-million transistor barrier. Includes full instruction sets of the 386DX and 387DX math coprocessor plus more. Microprocessor 
04/10/1989 82596CA local area network (LAN) coprocessor; 82350 Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA) chip set; 82320 Micro Channel* Architecture (MCA)-compatible chip set; 85C508 programmable logic device; Peripherals fir the 25-MHz i486(TM) microprocessor Peripherals and coprocessors 
04/21/89 ICD(TM)-486 debugger New generation ICE(TM) technology for i486(TM) microprocessors. Developer Tool 
04/24/89 FASTPATH VTAM-VTAM application kit Allows high-speed communication between IBM mainframes over a standard Ethernet network. Consists of two Intel FASTPATH control units and System Network Architecture (SNA) Passthrough(TM) software. Network product 
05/02/1989iSBC(R) 486/125 and iSBC 386/133 boards High-performance CPU boards for MULTIBUS II architecture, based on 25-MHz i486(TM) and 33-MHz i386(TM) processors, respectively. Single-board computer 
05/09/198982521TA TPE serial "supercomponent" Twisted-pair Ethernet (TPE) product that connects Ethernet LAN controllers directly to twisted-pair wire connectors. Microcommunica tions 
06/05/1989Intel386(TM) MicroComputer Models 303, 302 20, and 300SX Powered by the 33-MHz 386DX, 20­MHz 386DX and 16-MHz 386SX microprocessors, respectively. They join two existing Intel platforms based on the 386DX microprocessor;;the Model 302 based on the 25-MHz chip and the Model 301Z based on the 16­MHz chip. Integrated System 
06/06/198927C240 EPROM 4-megabit EPROM EPROM 
06/06/198927C010 (128K x 8) and 27C210 (64K x 16) one-megabit CHMOS* EPROMs in plastic leaded chip carriers (PLCC) packages One-megabit EPROMs in PLCCs EPROM 
06/07/1989M28F256 256-kilobit MIL-STD-883C Class-B nonvolatile read/write flash memory based on ETOX(TM) (EPROM tunnel oxide) technology Flash Memory 
06/26/89 82596 family of 32-bit LAN coprocessors; includes the 82596CA, 82596DX and the 82596SX Provides full 32-bit LAN processing independent of the system processor Network product 
06/26/89 Release 8 of iRMX(R) I (iRMX I.8) and Release 4 of iRMX II (iRMX II.4) operating systems iRMX I.8 is a 16-bit operating system that runs in the real address mode of the Intel 8086 through 386(TM) processors; iRMX II.4 is a 16-bit operating system that runs in the protected virtual address mode of the 80286 and 386 microprocessors Software 
07/10/198982350 EISA bus chip set Chip set designed to implement the 32­bit Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA). Consists of two system board devices--82356 integrated system peripheral (ISP) and the 82358 EISA bus controller (EBC)--and a bus master device for add-in cards Chip Set 
07/11/198951C68 (16-kilobit) and 51C98 (64-kilobit) fast static RAMs  SRAM 
07/12/1989NFS for iPSC/2 parallel supercomputer Network file system for iPSC parallel supercomptuer for distributed file-sharing across LANs - simplifies porting of applications to the iPSC/2 Software 
07/13/89 87C51FA and 87C51FB 8-bit CHMOS controllers for high-speed automotive event control applications FA good for brake control; added memory in FB makes it well suited for brake, as well as traction control. FA has 8 Kbytes of on-chip EPROM; FB has 16 Kbytes Embedded control product 
07/20/89 82526Controller Area Network (CAN) device ­allows serial communication between modules such as engine, transmission and brakes for system integration Peripherals and coprocessors 
07/26/89 87C51FB CHMOS event controller Member of the MCS-51 8-bit microcontroller family; an application-specific standard product for consumer electronics, medical instrumentation, high-density storage devices and mobile communication equipment,automotive engine control and real-time military apps Application-specific circuit 
07/26/89 87C51GB 8-bit CHMOS microcontroller for automotive I/O-intensive applications Embedded control product 
07/28/89 89151ISDN communications controller for Northern Telecom's T-Link rate adaption protocal Microcommunica tions 
07/31/89 85C960 programmable bus control programmable logic device (PLD) Programmable device that provides address decoding, wait-state and ready generation for systms using Intel's 80960KA/KB embedded 32-bit microprocessors with speeds of 16-, 20­and 25-MHz PLD 
08/08/1989M87C51FB CHMOS* controller 16-MHz MIL-STD-883C Class B 8-bit microcontroller with 16 Kbytes of EPROM on chip. (For military) Embedded control product 
08/10/1989M80C196KB MIL-STD-883C Class B version of the 16-bit 80C196KB microcontroller. (Military version.) Embedded control product 
08/10/1989VMS DB-386 software debugger Jointly developed with Systems & Software, Inc. Used for 386(TM) microprocessor software debugging by embedded systems designers working in the VAX/VMS* environment Software 
08/27/89 M27C010 One-megabit MIL_STD-883C Class B CHMOS* EPROM. EPROM 
08/27/89 M5164 64-kilobit MIL-STD-883C Class B, DESC-compliant fast static RAM (SRAM) based on the CHMOS* process SRAM 
09/12/198932-bit i960 CA processor Superscalar microprocessor developed for embedded applications Embedded control product 
09/14/89 Modular Interface eXtension (MIX) family of products: MIX 386/020 baseboard; MIX 450 asynchronous terminal controller; MIX 420 high-performance communications module; MIX 560 Ethernet module MULTIBUS(R) II I/O products based on the MULTIBUS II modular I/O (MIX) technology Network product 
09/14/89 MULTIBUS II Peripheral Interface (MPI) Bus interface device that provides designers with a low-cost, compatible subset of the Message Passing Coprocessor that is ideal for use on I/O boards and subsystems Single-board computer 
09/14/89 iSBC($) MPI/450 and iSBC MPI/519 I/O boards For MULTIBUS II system designers Single-board computer 
09/15/89 M82389 Military version of the 82389 Message Passing Coprocessor. A MULTIBUS(R) II bus interface controller Peripherals and coprocessors 
10/12/198982506TB LAN transceiver that allows personal computers to be connected to Ethernet LANs using standard, twisted-pair phone wiring Microcommunica tions 
10/31/89 iRMX(R) III 32-bit, real-time operating system for the Intel386(TM) microprocessor architecture Software 
11/02/198985C220 CMOS programmable logic device (PLD) with maximum operating frequency of 80 MHz PLD 
11/13/89 Intel 486(TM) MicroComputer Model 401 microcomputer based on the i486(TM) microprocessor Integrated System 
11/13/89 Intel 486(TM) MicroComputer Model 401 microcomputer based on the i486(TM) microprocessor Integrated System 
12/04/1989iSBC 386/12S MULTIBUS I board that combines functions of a CPU board and a dedicated peripheral controller. Has 20 MHz 386(TM) and an on-board Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI). Single-board computer 
12/12/1989System 520BX Highly integrated MULTIBUS(R) II system that includes a i386 processor, 4 Mbytes of memory and an integrated SCSI controller, and mass storage devices Integrated System 
12/14/89 M28F010 MIL-STD-883C Class B one-megabit CMOS flash memory (for military) Flash Memory 
12/20/89 Release 3.0 of VMSNET networking software Lets networking customers effect file transfor and other resource sharing with DEC hardware and software Software