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Intel's Manuals

MCS-4 Assembly Language Programming Manual Dec. 1973

2920 Signal Processing Applications Compiler Users Guide Feb. 1980

2920 Assembly Language Manual Aug. 1979

iSBC Applications Manual  1979

Introducing the SBC 80/10 Single Board Computer 1976

Systems Data Catalog 1981

8008 Users ManualRev2 Nov. 1972
8008 Users ManualRev4 Nov. 1973
Intellec8 Reference Manual Jun. 1974
MCS-8 PLM Programming Guide 1973

iAPX 86/88 Users Manual 1981

Introduction to the iAPX 2861982

Systems Data Catalog 1982

iAPX 286 Hardware Reference 1983

iAPX_286 Operating System Writers Guide 1983

Development Systems Handbook 1985

OEM Systems Handbook 1985

iAPX 286 Programmers Reference Manual 1985

8086 Relocatable Object Module Formats 1981

80386 Hardware Reference Manual 1986

Microcommunications Handbook 1986

80386 Hardware Reference Manual 1987

8080/8085 Floating-Point Arithmetic Library Users Manual 1978

Development Tools Handbook 1987

82786 Graphics Coprocessor Users Manual 1988

OEM Boards and Systems Handbook 1988

OEM Boards and Systems Handbook 1989

80C186EB 80C188EB Users Manual 1990

80186 80188 80C186 80C188 Hardware Reference Manual 1990

MCS-51 Utilities Users Guide For 8080/8085 Based Development Systems 1983

i486 Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 1990

80C186EA 80C188EA Users Manual 1991

INSITE Program Library Manual Vol.I Aug. 1979
INSITE Program Library Manual Vol.II Aug. 1979

80C186 188 80C186XL 188XL Users Manual 1992

Intel 486 Programmers Reference Manual 1992

Networking 1996

i860 Hardware Design Guide Feb. 1989
i860 Processor Performance Mar. 1989

82720 GDC Applications Manual 1983

C-160 Memory Design Handbook 1977

Intel 386 Model 302 Board Technical Reference Manual 1990

Memory Design Handbook 1973

iAPX386 1984

OEM Product Catalog 1983

Intel Customer Literature Guide Jul.1992

OEM Boards 1995

Intel's Application Note

AP-16 Using the 8251 Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

AP-28 Intel Multibus Interfacing 1977

AP-28A Intel Multibus Interfacing 1979
AP-29 Using the Intel 8085 Serial I/O Lines

AP-30 Application of Intels 5V EPROM and ROM Family 1979

AP-32 CRT Terminal Design Using The Intel 8275 and 8279

AP-36 Using the 8273 SDLC/HDLC Protocol Controller

AP-43 Using The iSBC 957 Execution Vehicle For Executing 8086 Program Code

AP-50 Debugging Strategies And Considerations For 8089 Systems

AP-51 Designing 8086, 8088, 8089 Multiprocessing System With The 8289 Bus Arbiter
AP-52 Using Intel's Industrial Control Series in Control

AP-59 Using the 8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller

AP-61 Multitasking For The 8086

AP-66 Using the 8292 GPIB Controller

AP-62 Low Cost CRT Terminal Using The 8275

AP-67 8086 System Design

AP-69 An Introduction To The Intel MCS-51 Single-Chip Microcomputer Family

AP-70 Using the Intel MCS-51 Boolean Processing Capabilities

AP-80-ISIS-II System Calls Jan 1980

AP-90 An 8741A/8041A Digital Cassette Controller

AP-96 Designing iSBX MULTIMODULE Boards

AP-97A Interfacing Dynamic RAM to iAPX 86/88 Using the 8202A and 8203.

AP-113 Getting Started With The Numeric Data Processor

AP-114 Using the iSBC 88/40 Measurement and Control Computer in PID Applications

AP-116 An Intelligent Data Base System Using the 8272

AP-121 Software Design and Implementation of Floppy Disk Systems

AP-123 Graphic CRT Design Using the Intel 8089

AP-125 Designing Microcontroller Systems for Electrically Noisy Environments

AP-134 Asynchronous Communication with the 8274 Multiple Protocol Serial Controller

AP-141 8203/8206/2164A Memory Design

AP-142 Designing Second Generation Digital Telephony Systems Using the Intel 2913/2914 CODEC/Filter COMBOCHIP

AP-143 Using the iAPX 82/20 Numeric Data Processor in a Small Business Computer

AP-144 Three Dimension Graphics Application of the iAPX 86/20

AP-145 Synchronous Communication with the 8274 Multiple Protocol Serial Controller

AP-153 Designing with the 8256

AP-155 Oscillators for Microcontrollers

AP-161 Complex Peripheral Control with the UPI-42

AP-166 Using the 8291A GPIB Talker/Listener

AP-167 Interfacing the 8207 Advanced Dynamic RAM Controller to the iAPX 186

AP-168 Interfacing the 8207 Advanced Dynamic RAM Controller to the iAPX 286

AP-179 Intel PROM Programming with the Intel Personal Development System (iPDS TM)

AP-180 Graphics Applications of The iSBX 275 Graphics Controller

AP-182 Multimode Winchester Controller Using the 82062

AP-183 8256AH Application Note

AP-186 Introduction to the 80186

AP-187 Megabits To Megabits Bubble Memory System Design And Board Layout

AP-222 Asynchronous SDLC Communication with 82530

AP-223 Based CRT Terminal Controller

AP-224 BITBUS Interconnect: From Flight Simulation To Process Control

AP-236 Implementing StarLAN With The Intel 82588 Controller

AP-248-Using The 8096

AP-252 Designing With The 80C51BH

AP-258 High Speed Numeric With The 80186/80188 & 8087

AP-271 Applying the 5C121 Architecture

AP-272 The 5C060 Unification of a CHMOS System

AP-275 An FFT Algorithm For MCS-96 Products Including Supporting Routines and Examples

AP-276 Implementing a CMOS Bus Arbiter/Controller in the 5C060 EPLD

AP-283 Flexibility in Frame Size with the 8044

AP-285 8207 User's Manual

AP-286 80186/188 Interface to Intel Microcontrollers

AP-307 EPLDs, PLAs, and TTL-Comparing the “Hidden Costs” in Production

AP-311 Using Macros in EPLD Designs

AP-312 Creating Macros for EPLD Designs

AP-317 Implementing a PS/2 POS Using the 5AC312 EPLD

AP-318 Intel's 87C75PF Port Expander Reduces System Size And Design Time

AP-319 Designing with the 5AC312/5AC324 EPLDs

AP-321 Fitting the 5C180 

AP-368 82557 10/100 Mbps PCI LAN Controller A Guide to 82596 Compatibility

AP-406 MCS-96 Analog Acquisition Primer

AP-410 Enhanced Serial Port on the 83C51FA

AP-425 Small DC Motor Control

AP-428 Distributed Motor Control Using the 80C196KB

AP-440 8XC51FA/FB/FC PCA Cookbook

AP-445 8XC196KR Peripherals: A User's Point of View

AP-449 A Comparison of the Event Processor Array (EPA) and High Speed Input/Output(HSIO) Unit

AP-466 Using the 80C196KB

AP-468 Serial Port Mode 0 8X9XBH/KB/KC/KD

AP-469 Cache And Memory Design Consideration For The Intel486 DX2 Microprocessor

AP-475 Using the 8XC196NT

AP-476 How to Implement I2C Serial Communication Using Intel MCS-51 Microcontrollers

AP-483 Application Examples Using the 8XC196MC/MD Microcontroller

AP-484 Interfacing a Floppy Disk Drive to an 80C186EX Family Processor

AP-485 Intel Processor Identification and the CPUID Instruction

AP-502 Quick Upgrade from the 80C186XL to the 80C186EA

AP-503 Add-in Flash Memory Card for an 80C186EA Application

AP-640 Interfacing the 80186EB/EC Embedded Processor to Intel Boot Block Flash

AP-703 DRAM Controller for 33 MHz i960 CA/CF Microprocessors

AP-704 A Simple DRAM Controller for 25/16 MHz i960 CA/CF Microprocessors

AP-706 DRAM Controller for 40 MHz i960 CA/CF Microprocessors

AP-708 Introducing The MCS251 Microcontroller -- 8XC251SB

AP-709 Maximizing Performance using MCS 251 Microcontroller

AP-710 Migrating from the MCS51 Microcontroller to the MCS 251 Microcontroller Software and Hardware Considerations

AP-712 DRAM Controller for i960 JA/JF/JD Microprocessors

AP-714 Converting from the 8XC196KB/KC/KD to the 8XC196Nx Family

AP-715 Interfacing an I2C Serial EEPROM to an MCS 96 Microcontroller

AP-716 80960Cx/80960Jx/80960Hx Architectural Comparison

AP-717 Migrating from the 8XC196NP or 8XC196NU to the 80296SA

AP-718 Interfacing a 20 MHz 8XC196 to an 82527 Serial Communications Controller

AP-724 Interfacing an MCS 51 Microcontroller to an 82527 CAN Controller

AP-730 Interfacing the 82C59A to Intel 186 Family Processors

AP-733 Switched Ethernet Reference Design Description

AP-731 Understanding the Interrupt Control Unit of the 80C186EC/80C188EC Processor

AP-754 Migrating from the 8XC196KB16 to the 8XC196KC20

Intel Application Briefs

AB-8 Implementing Cascaded Logic in the 5C121

AB-9 5C121 As a Three and One-Half Digit Display Driver

AB-10 Square Pegs in Round Holes—A Fitting Tutorial for the 5C121

AB-11 16-Bit Binary Counter Implementation Using the 5C060 EPLD.

AB-12 Designing a Mailbox Memory for Two 80C31 Microcontroll

AB-16 Atypical Latch/Register Construction in EPLDs

AB-18 TTL Macro Library Listing for EPLD Designs

AB-21 EPLD Custom Macro Library Listing for EPLD Designs

AB-22 5C032-25 vs. 16V8-25: A Device Comparison

AB-31 The 80C186XL/80C188XL Integrated Refresh Control Unit

AB-32 Upgrade Path from 8096-90 to 8096BH to 80C196

AB-33 Memory Expansion for the 8096

AB-34 Integer Square Root Routine for the 8096

AB-35 DRAM Refresh/Control with the 80186/80188

AB-36 80186/80188 DMA Latency

AB-37 80186/80188 EFI Drive and Oscillator Operation

AB-38 Interfacing the 82786 Graphics Coprocessor to the 8051

AB-39 Interfacing the Densitron LCD to the 8051

AB-41 Software Serial Port Implemented with the PCA

AB-45 Converting from the 8X9XBH or 8X9XJF to the 8XC196KB

Intel's ISIS,PLM,ASM & Other Softwares

PLM-51 Users Guide 1983

Fortran-86 V3.0 Release Letter

Fortran-86 V3.0 Release Notes

Pascal-86 Users Guide Jun.1985

Mainframe Link For Distributed Development Jul.1980

FORTRAN-86 Users Guide Mar.1983

FORTRAN-86 Users Guide Mar.1985

iAPX  86 88 Utilities Manual Aug.1982

Utilities Users Guide for 8080 Based Development Systems Sep.1981

ASM86 Macro Assembler Operating Instructions Sep.1982

PLM86 Users Guide Nov.1981

ASM8 Language Reference Manual Mar.1985

8087 Support Library Reference Nov.1983

8086 Reloadable Object Module Formats Nov.1981

AEDIT-86 Tex Editor Users Guide Mar.1985

Debug-88 Users Manual Jul.1983

Microsoft Utility Software Nov.1981

Alter Text Editor Users Guide Jun.1982

A Users Guide to Program Management Tools Aug.1982

PLM-51 Users Guide Jan.1984

C-86 Compiler Users Guide May.1983

Edit Reference Manual Aug.1981

PLM80 Programming Manual Jan.1980

ISIS II 8080 8085 Macro Assembler Operators Guide Aug.1981

8080 8085 Assembly Language Programming Manual May.1981

ISIS-II Users Guide May.1981

8080 Floating Point Library Feb.1980

ICE-85 ISIS II Operating Instructions May.1978

Fortran-80 Programming Manual Dec.1979

8086 Facility Utilities User Guide May.1982

MCS-86 Macro Assembly Language Manual Sep.1979

MCS-86 Assembly Language Converter Feb.1980

Multi-ICE Operating Instructions Jan.1980

BASIC-80 Reference Manual Sep.1979

ISIS II CREDIT CRT-Based Text Editor Apr.1981

8089 Assembler Users Guide Aug.1979

ICE-88 Operating Instructions Aug.1979

AP-80 ISIS-II System Calls Jan.1980

ISIS internals

PLM Compiler Operations Manual 1975

PLM86 Oct.1982

PLM-80 Programming Manual Jan.1980

Rev C PLM86 Feb. 1982